Specna Arms SA X Series Review & Mag Test


Gunfire Specna Arms SA X Series Review & Mag Test

Leszek of Gunfire shows two models of the Specna Arms SA X Series that are available at their online store for a review and magazine test... "The X series is Specna Arms' answer to the very popular trend of AR-15-based submachine gun replicas. Thanks to its compact size and first-class performance, the replica is a very good choice for CQB games. What we have here is an almost ideal platform for the game - the Edge 2.0 standard means that the replica has everything you need:

  • ASTER™ system with dedicated Solar trigger
  • High Torque motor with 22TPA (Turn Per Arm)
  • the quick-change spring system, ESA™
  • Helium™ Flat Hop bucking
  • rotating hop-up chamber

As a result, even most demanding players can just take the Specna Arms X-Series replica out of the box and get right into the game."

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