Specna Arms SA-E09 Edge 2.0 At Fox Airsoft


Fox Airsoft Specna Arms SA-E09 Edge 2.0

The Specna Arms SA-E09 Edge 2.0 is an airsoft rifle with a Nano Coated receiver, a Keymod rail system, and a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel. It has folding sights, a tactical sling swivel, and two S-MAG mid-cap magazines. It also features a precision inner barrel, a Hop-Up rotary chamber, a Helium Flat Hop bucking, and an ESA2 quick spring change system. The ORION Gearbox has a reinforced frame, a polymer piston, an aluminum nozzle and cylinder head, a spring guide with bearings, and a set of steel gears. The High Torque motor has strong neodymium magnets and a 22TPA winding. The GATE ASTER system is an advanced controller with optical sensors and a Solar Trigger for sensitivity and precision. The rifle has a unique serial number and a hologram for authenticity. You can find more details about this product at Fox Airsoft.

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