Fox Airsoft: What Is A Rail System?


Fox Airsoft explains the different types of rail systems that airsoft players can choose from, allowing them to mount weapons accessories they need for a game... "If you are at your local store buying an airsoft gun for the first time, you might have a lot of new terminology being thrown at you. Today we'll talk about rail systems. What are they and what can they do for you?

We will cover the standard picatinny (milspec) rails, Keymod, and MLOK."


MOLLE Explained By Fox Airsoft


Always talking about MOLLE gear but not knowing what MOLLE stands for? Fox Airsoft got you covered... "When you are shopping for gear, chances are you will encounter MOLLE gear. MOLLE (pronounced like the name Molly) stands for Modular Lightweight Loadbearing Equipment. MOLLE pouches weave into MOLLE webbing platforms such as vests to allow you to customize your loadout the way you want it."

How Many Magazines Do You Need?


Depending on the game you're going to, you will need an assortment of low to high capacity magazines in your personal airsoft armoury. Fox Airsoft talks about how many magazines you need before proceeding to the game field... "Do you use high capacity or mid capacity magazines? How many should you carry when you're out playing airsoft at your local field?"

Fox Airsoft: FPS Explained


Still confused on what FPS (feet per second) is all about? Here is Tang of Fox Airsoft to explain this term that airsoft players talk about all the time... and there is Joules which is discussed in many groups. But for now, it's about FPS... "Hello newbie airsofters! Today I want to touch on the subject of airsoft gun velocity. This will help you understand how to measure your airsoft gun's performance and know objectively how hard a gun shoots.

JAG Arms & Echo1 Hi-Capa Pistols At Fox Airsoft


Fox Airsoft show the Hi-Capa gas blowback pistols they have available from JAG Arms and Echo1 USA Airsoft... "The Hi Capa is a style of pistol that you might have heard by name. What is a Hi Capa? The original Hi Capa is based on a design out of Japan and now we are getting a wide variety of replicas from JAG Arms and Echo 1. These are budget friendly and give you that high capacity/wide body 1911 feel that is synonymous with expensive custom pistols.

How To Use Your Sling By Fox Airsoft


Still don't have an idea how to use a rifle sling? Here's Tang of Fox Airsoft to help you out... "Slings are a simple tactical accessory that will help you out big time. This video was made in response to a viewer request that we make a video about HOW to mount/attach a sling. Hope this helps!"

Choosing Your First Airsoft Gun


Fox Airsoft got you covered when you are about to shell out some cash for your first airsoft gun... "The most asked question we get is: What gun should I get? There are many things to consider beyond just your budget or model of gun: what type of gun is comfortable for you, what style of play you envision yourself doing, and where you want to play are all factors to consider when purchasing your gun."

6.01mm vs. 6.03mm Inner Barrels


Fox Airsoft does a comparison of 6.01mm and 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrels in this video... "You'll remember in a previous video we talked about upgrade barrels and what they do. If you decide now that you need one, the next step is choosing what kind. Do you want a 6.01mm or a 6.03mm? Do you want it to be aluminum, brass, stainless steel or steel? What's better? We'll give you some food for thought in this video."

Elite Force M-LOK Competition CQB & CQC Overview


Fox Airsoft show the features of the update Elite Force Competition AEGs that now come with the M-Lok System... "Elite Force has come out with updated versions of their Competition series M4's now featuring an MLOK rail and only coming in a black/tan color combination. The internals get an update too featuring the programmable gearbox and straight trigger like the MCR model. This new MLOK M4 is available in CQC and CQB length models.

Fox Airsoft On Squad Communications


A quick video from Fox Airsoft in which Tang explains the importance of communications even at the squad level... "I'm sure many of you like myself playing airsoft or even squad-based video games have run into issues in communication with your teammates. Often in the heat of the moment, there is a lot of information being thrown at you about the enemy position and imminent danger headed your way, but the way it is done often causes more confusion than it helps.

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