Fox Airsoft On Tactics: Drawing Fire


Fox Airsoft explains drawing fire as a tactic in airsoft... "Hello, airsofters! Today we have a simple tactic video about drawing fire. Use it to help your team win some objectives.

Fox Airsoft On Zeroing Your Scope


The first thing you need to do when you get a new airsoft gun is to zero your sights, if it comes with a scope, then zero the scope. Here is Fox Airsoft to help you do that if you are not yet sure on how make your airsoft gun to shoot accurately... "Scopes do not automatically make you more accurate when added to your gun. You have to zero your scope before it can do anything for you.

Steps to Zero Your Scope:

Fox Airsoft: Sight Protectors


Have an expensive optics that you don't want ruined by a BB? You can install a sight protector in front of to keep it safe. Fox Airsoft show what they have in stock for you... "If you run some sort of optic you should protect it with a sight protector. These handy accessories don't cost much but can save you a bunch of heartache by taking hits that would normally destroy your expensive scope."

Fox Airsoft Tech Advice: To Build Or To Buy?


This is a good episode from Fox Airsoft as they talk about buying an airsoft gun or building a custom one. As always, before you undergo a build project, better make sure you have the know-how to make one or else it will be just one wasteful exercise. But they have their upgrade and repair service to help you clean up your mess... "To build or to buy? That is the question.

TL;DR version:

Fox Airsoft On Safety: Flagging In Airsoft


One of the big no-nos in airsoft is flagging and Fox Airsoft explains why in this video... "Flagging people with your muzzle is unacceptable no matter how you cut it. The fundamental firearm safety rules apply in airsoft as well so we'd like to take a brief moment to explain what flagging is and how you can be a better ambassador of the sport of airsoft by being responsible and teaching responsibility to those around you. By keeping the sport safe, we can grow the sport!"

Fox Airsoft On Tactics: Switching Weapons


Fox Airsoft touches on the topic on the value of having a secondary airsoft gun with you during a game in this video... "New players often ask us if a secondary weapon such as a pistol is required to play in airsoft when getting kitted out for their first outting. The short answer is no, but there's a bunch of added value if you do choose to carry one. In this video we'll discuss the pros of carrying another airsoft gun and how you can make it work."

Fox Airsoft ASG CZ ACCU Shadow CO2 Review


Fox Airsoft give their take on the CZ ACCU Shadow CO2 from Action Sport Games (ASG)... "The ACCU Shadow is part of the CZ Shadow 2 family and is an enhanced competition version of the popular CZ-75 style pistol. All Shadows have a metal slide and frame but the ACCU Shadow features a recontoured frame, exclusive grips, and most of all a single-action only trigger with a barrel bushing.

Fox Airsoft On Tactics: Suppress and Move


Another round of video on tactical movement from Fox Airsoft showing "Suppress and Move"... "Hey everyone! We just thought we'd make a fun themed video today to share some basic tactics. We went a little heavy on the roleplaying, but rest assured, suppressing fire and movement go hand in hand and you will even use it without knowing it. This video is more for entertainment purposes only! Have fun and don't take it too serious. If you like this video series, leave us some suggestions in the comments!"

ICS CXP MARS PDW9 Coming To Fox Airsoft


Fox Airsoft are expecting the new ICS Airsoft CXP MARS PDW9 AEG to be available it their store... "The ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 is the newest evolution in submachineguns/pistol caliber carbines. Featuring the split version 2 style gearbox, this is the easiest gun to upgrade, repair, diagnose, and maintain making it a choice for players who want to get serious about their equipment.

Fox Airsoft Gear Talk: Milsim Headgear


Haha! Another term to call tactical helmets for airsoft --- Milsim Headgear and Fox Airsoft is here to talk about such in their Gear Talk... "Hello and welcome back to another edition of gear talk. Just about every week, we at Fox Airsoft will try to bring to you guides that cover many topics in airsoft to help out our newer players. The subjects we cover will be gear and gun reviews, tactics, tips and tricks, and so on. In this video, George will be talking about helmets in airsoft.

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