ASG Armalite M15 MLOK 10 By Classic Army


Fox Airsoft presents the ASG Armalite M15 MLOK 10 AEG OEM by Classic Army and it is an affordable AEG that can be recommended to beginner and intermediate players... "ASG has updated the Armalite lineup of sportline guns to include the Defense MLOK 10 model. If this looks familiar, that is because it is!

Fox Airsoft Mail Call #1


Fox Airsoft got its own Mail Call series and this is the first episode... "First attempt at a weekly series where we take topics and reply to your comments and questions. Let us know what you think or if you have a particular subject on your mind, me sure to comment with it!"

Fox Airsoft: Know Your M4 AEG


For their "Know Your AEG" series, Fox Airsoft talk about getting familiar with the M4 AEG... "So you've decided to get into airsoft! Before you purchase your first M4 style gun, check out some of the quirks and nuances to the platform so you can better identify what it is you want to look for and what might work best for you. The M4 platform is the most versatile of AEGs and every brand that makes one has their own twist to make theirs stand out. What is the best for you?"

Fox Airsoft On The G&G ARP9: Small & Stylish


Another walkthrough of the features of the G&G ARP9 AEG, this time by Fox Airsoft... "Check out G&G's ARP9! It's a compact little AEG that is perfect for CQB. It features a durable but lightweight polymer body, metal rail, M4-ergonmics, PDW stock, and a slim stick-type magazine. G&G offers an all black model or ones with color accented pieces!"

Meet George From Fox Airsoft


George is the newest face on the Fox Airsoft YouTube Channel and for this episode it's about knowing him... "Meet George. George is in our marketing department making content, shooting photos and creating videos here at Fox. You can sometimes catch him working at our storefront as well. George's journey into airsoft is unique and interesting. What got him started before coming on board and joining the Fox Airsoft crew?"

What You Need To Know About Lancer Tactical


Fox Airsoft talks about Lancer Tactical and what it can offer to airsoft players... "On this video we're spotlighting Lancer Tactical. Lancer Tactical offers many things from airsoft guns to tactical gear, and much of those items are geared at being affordable making their stuff attractive to new players."

Fox Airsoft Brand Spotlight: G&G Armament


It's G&G Armament featured in this Brand Spotlight episode from Fox Airsoft... "G&G Armament is a very popular brand to check out. They make all sorts of guns and accessories, each with their unique take on the platform. The Combat Machine series is the lineup made for beginners while their Top Tech series guns represent their pro line offerings. G&G has something for everybody."

Elite Force Glock Line Up At Fox Airsoft


A rundown of available Elite Force Glock airsoft pistols available a Fox Airsoft... "Elite Force/Umarex has added more of the latest replicas of the current Glock offerings which include partial blowbacks for the Glock 19X and Glock 17 Gen 5, as well as full blowback models of the new Glock 45 and Glock 17 Gen 5. Which one is right for you?"

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