Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG


Hristo Airsoft Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG

Hristo Airsoft Trgovina talk about a compact AEG that they have in stock, the Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG. The Rock River Arms replica, a product of an American firearms manufacturer known for high-quality AR-15 carbines, boasts licensed markings and a meticulous design. Its body is coated with Nano Coating to prevent wear and tear, and features unique details like a QD pistol grip and a double-sided tactical sling mounting eye. The SA-E17 carbine replica comes with a front M-LOK mounting system by Strike Industries, a standard muzzle device, and foldable mechanical sights. It's equipped with a MOSFET X-ASR system from the Polish brand GATE, ensuring safety, improved trigger response, and longevity of the internal electronics. The replica also includes a 6.03 mm diameter internal precision barrel for accuracy, a new type of rotary Hop-Up chamber for precise adjustment of shots, and an ESA quick spring change system for efficient power adjustment.

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