Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG


Hristo Airsoft Trgovina talk about a compact AEG that they have in stock, the Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG. The Rock River Arms replica, a product of an American firearms manufacturer known for high-quality AR-15 carbines, boasts licensed markings and a meticulous design. Its body is coated with Nano Coating to prevent wear and tear, and features unique details like a QD pistol grip and a double-sided tactical sling mounting eye.

Is The Rossi Neptune PDW Worth It?


NCP Airsoft talks about Rossi Neptune PDW if gives the most bang for the buck in this video. The Neptune PDW, a compact personal defense weapon ideal for urban combat, boasts a robust metallic body with a high-quality anodized finish. It features a reinforced gearbox with 8mm wheels, a quick-shift muelle system, a metallic die piston, and an electronic trigger system powered by a magnetic sensor.

The Firearm Blog: The New 9mm CMMG Dissent PDW


The Firearm Blog's Hop visits CMMG to try the new  9mm CMMG Dissent PDW... "In this episode of TFBTV, Hop recaps his trip to the CMMG facility and range in Boonville, MO to shoot the new variants of the CMMG Dissent PDW. New for 2023, CMMG is expanding the Dissent lineup to include longer barrel lengths in 5.56 and .300 Blackout, as well as 9mm uppers in short and long barrel lengths using their radial delayed blowback system.

Laylax Custom VFC MCX & Krytac PDW


USAirsoft checks out two AEGs, the Laylax Custom VFC MCX & Krytac PDW with Ryan of Laylax International... "We filmed A LOT of stuff while we were in Japan for the 5th Krytac Owner's Meeting and that includes a few short build videos and here's the first one from the Laylax HQ in Osaka!

For this showcase, we have a beautiful VFC Sig MCX and an always reliable Krytac PDW fully decked out with Laylax goodies.

Echo1 BTS Mod 2 & Mod 3 PDW AEGs


Tang presents two PDWs from Echo1 USA Airsoft, the BTS Mod 2 and Mod 3 PDW AEGs distributed by Jag Precision... "The Echo1 BTS series airsoft rifles are full metal AEG (automatic electric guns) that have what airsoft players what. It has plenty of standard features for the mission but you are not locked behind proprietary parts or design that prevent you from upgrading it the way YOU like.

Specna Arms SA-E39 PDW EDGE Red Edition


If you have not heard about the Specna Arms SA-E39 PDW EDGE Red Edition AEG, here is an introductory for you... "Edge is a series that puts stress on very good craftsmanship of the exterior, solutions that improve upon the versatility of the replica, prolong its lifetime, simplify the diagnostics of a malfunction as well as facilitate the possibility of a power tuning.

King Arms M11 PDW CNC Kit for KWA/KSC M11


King Arms follow-up on their Max 11 Kit KWA/KSC M11 with the M11 PDW CNC Kit for KWA/KSC M11, giving more options for owners of this airsoft M11 of upgrading it. It is made of aluminium and CNC machined process for one-piece formed upper receiver. It is lighweight and has stylish engraved handguard that provides unique appearance. There are two different lengths of tactical rails for attaching accessories.

The Umbrella Armory Krytac PDW After 1 Year


Airthor Entertainement talks about the Umbrella Armory Krytac PDW if it still worth it after one year... "After being stored a whole year, decided to run the UA_PDW in a Medium to Long Range field, pushing it to its limits (Keeping in mind that it’s advertised as a CQB type replica).

Nonocat: TMC/IGOTYOUR6 FLUX MP17 PDW Kit Review


Nonocat got to have a good look and test of the FLUX MP17 PDW Kit from TMC/IGOTYOUR6. A CCK made to work with the SIG Air ProForce M17 GBB Pistol, this turns the M17 GBB as a good backup or even as a primary for CQB games... "Ever since I saw the promo video by FLUX, seeing the Spring loaded stock spring out into action, the WANT was real! I ogled and dreamed of the day when there would be an Airsoft version of the MP17.

E&C Strike Patriot PDW AEG Unboxing


Compact, with M-Lok rails, and PDW stock, this is a good looking E&C Strike Patriot PDW AEG that got unboxed by Pheas Airsoft... "In this video its the first ever time I get my hands on an E&C of any sort. Come and check out how I got on and what I thought to them and their renown build quality!"

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