Tom's Airsoft Channel: ICS Sirius PDW 9 AEG


The ICS Sirius PDW 9 AEG is available in the market for months now and the latest to review this AEG is Tom's Airsoft Channel. Will he be expressed by its external and internal build... "Hey guys, today there's something nice again from ICS. The PDW9 is really sexy as hell. But are the internals also good?"'s EMG F-1 Firearms PDW AEG Review


The fully licensed EMG F-1 Firearms PDW AEG is available at and Matt gives his full take on this AEG... "Based in the great state of Texas, F1 Firearms has become one of the premier brands in semi-automatic sporting rifles. Utilizing premium materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes, F1 produces firearms that are lighter, stronger, more accurate and built to more demanding tolerances than their competition.

Specna Arms SA-E21 PDW EDGE AEG


Anotner look at the Specna Arms SA-E12 PDW EDGE AEG, this time as an official video presentation from Specna Arms... "EDGE™ is a line of replicas by Specna Arms that combines an array of solutions and technologies hard to find in other replicas on the market.

Rossi Neptune 5.5 PDW At Patriotas Airsoft


Brazilian airsoft retailer go the new Rossi Neptune 5.5 PDW AEG available at their store and here is their take on this homegrown airsoft gun... "Patriots Airsoft has arrived to announce the most coveted Rifle on the Airsoft market! The AR15 Neptune PDW 556 caliber Rifle.

Many of you may already know that this wonder is one of the most sought after by Airsoft operators.

It was all elaborated by the manufacturer Rossi.

ROSSI AR15 Neptune PDW AEG Review


Another review of the ROSSI AR15 Neptune PDW AEG done by who else? ROSSI!... "Watch the full review of Rossi's new airsoft rifle, model AR15 Neptune PDW. A novelty that Rossi brought to Brazil and that will soon be available in the store closest to you! Ideal equipment for use in CQB with 5.5 inches of handguard (M-lok style). Complete product that comes from the factory with a spring loaded roller guide with quick spring change, electronic trigger, and much more.

Galaxy H&K MP5K PDW AEG Quick Test


Another quick test from Timothy Lam with the Galaxy MP5K PDW AEG. Is it an improved that than the first version released over 10 years ago which had iffy performance? Check the video... "This is a very affordable Tokyo Marui clone made by Galaxy that has great performances and range for the size. This gun has actually outranged some of my full size AEGs even with a super short pistol length barrel which was surprising!



Learn more about the fully licensed Specna Arms RRA SA-E10 PDW EDGE AEG from Rock River Arms in this video... "EDGE™ is a line of replicas by Specna Arms that combines an array of solutions and technologies hard to find in other replicas on the market. It is a series that puts stress on very good craftsmanship of the exterior, solutions that improve upon the versatility of the replica, prolong its lifetime, simplify the diagnostics of a malfunction as well as facilitate the possibility of a power tuning.

APS Full Metal ASR122 PDW At


If you have been looking for the APS ASR122 PDW AEG, you can get one right now at the online store. This AEG has a heavy duty aluminum receiver with a 10" MLOK compatible handguard allows for easy addition of accessories or rail space and a CRS 3-position PDW style stock.

Modify-Tech XTC PDW AEG Shooting Tests


Video from L'antre du Dingo of him testing the Modify XTC PDW AEG for his review... "At IWA 2018, I could see the new AEG prototype from the Taiwanese brand Modify. A few months later, I was contacted to find out if I was interested in discovering their XTC PDW…

It's a bit like asking a teenager if he wants a free subscription to Pingouinhub, so I jumped (lol) on the opportunity and received a reply a few weeks later.

Specna Arms SA-E21 PDW EDGE Review By AMNB


The compact Specna Arms SA-E21 PDW EDGE gets a closer look by the curious eyes of Steve in this Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) review... "Specna Arms (SA) has been steadily building a reputation for great quality RIFs at reasonable prices in recent years, so I jumped at the chance to review one for myself to see what the fuss is all about.

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