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Russian Made Full Band Flex Belt

Red Army Airsoft Russian Made Full Band Flex Belt

Alexander of Red Army Airsoft shows you a Russian-made belt from Tactical Solutions. The buckle is fixed to a steel plate with a magnetic guide, which allows easy closing and opening. The lifetime of a neodymium magnet is more than 30 years. Also, the buckle material is a frost-resistant polymer. The tensile load is 70 kg and is ignored by most metal detectors.

Due to the elasticity of the slings and the compact size of the buckle, the belt does not deliver discomfort, for example, in a car or when tilting.

Works great on tactical pants with a stretchable belt. Goes into the standard loops of male and female jeans. Cross stiffness of the belt  allows you to hang different accessories just like on a leather or tactical belt.

You can find the item here.