Red Army Airsoft: Proteus 3 Drop-In HPA Kit Demo


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft tests his HPA-powered rifle that uses the High Precision Airsoft Proteus 3 Drop-In Kit... "Finally completed the video about my VVD rifle on Proteus 3, which was assembled by the M.Customs workshop

The video is almost a year long in the making, the first shooting from which they were collected, shots from different games, impressions, shooting after a series of games, about the tracer, experience of use, plans for the future, etc.

ASR Holster For Airsoft Glocks


Red Army Airsoft shows the ASR Holster from Airsoft-Rus that can mount most airsoft Glocks in the market... "In this video we will look and test the plastic holster by ASR for airsoft pistols Glock. Almost all popular airsoft pistols Glock can fit in the sich as the Glock 17, Glock 22 and Glock 19 by Tokyo Marui, Glock 17 and Glock 18 by WE and even Glock 18c by CYMA."

Red Army Airsoft: StrikeArt New Products


Last 15 January StrikeArt informed Red Army Airsoft of upcoming products for Russian airsoft players to look forward to and they will be on display at the StrikeCon this year... "A representative of StrikeArt suddenly came to visit us and immediately showed 2 unexpected news.


First of all, these are new underbarrel shots on the “Chekist” shotgun in 3 filling options.

Red Army: New TAGinn Mortar System


Well, mortar rounds for use in airsoft event will be coming your way this year. Red Army Airsoft reports about this, reports about this and this is a mortar system, not only just the rounds... "An unexpected announcement from TAGinn that you can only speculate on. Obviously, the mortar shot in the photo. Judging by the description, the declared range is from 70 to 300 meters.

To our questions, the manufacturer revealed only the following facts:

Strike Art "Kid 2.0" Launcher Review


An affordable standalone pistol launcher from Strike Art called the "Kid 2.0" (or Baby 2.0 depending on your translation from Russian) gets featured by Red Army Airsoft... "In this issue we will look at the novelty from StrikeArt - the compact grenade launcher "Kid 2.0' At the moment, 'Kid' is the most budget-friendly launcher for pyrotechnic shots of VOG Tulip."

Red Army Airsoft: K10 Jeans From Kalashnikov


It looks like the Kalashnikov Group are into apparel now with its Gruppa99 company as Red Army Airsoft features the K10 Jeans. Should be good to go with your Kalashnikov airsoft loadout... "Kalashnikov is now not only a weapons maker, but is also into clothing, including the “civilian” market. The main feature of these jeans is the material. They are made from the original indigo denim, produced by the legendary American factory Cone Denim Mills. Composition 63% cotton, 31% polyester, 4% tencel and 2% elastane.

Red Army Airsoft: Replica Weaponlights


Surefire tactical and weaponlights are some of the most replicated for use in airsoft. There are some popular models and Alexander of Red Army Airsoft takes a look those that are available from Russian airsoft retailers in this video... "In this episode, we will look at replicas of tactical weaponry flashlights that are often used in airsoft, including for modeling purposes."

Inforce WML Review By Red Army Airsoft


Alexander takes a look at the WML weaponlight series from Inforce in this Red Army Airsoft Review. BEWARE OF FLASHING LIGHTS in the video... "Most often, tactical flashlights are mounted on the side bar of the handguard of an airsoft gun, but it isn't always convenient to turn them on changing hands. Remote buttons for the flashlight also don't always help.

Custom M4 CQBR SOPMOD Block II


A sexy looking custom M4 CQBR SOPMOD Block II has been put together by our friends from Red Army Airsoft. Alexander tells more about it... "In this series we will look at the airsoft m4 made in the image of the M4 CQBR SOPMOD Block II. When collecting this airsoft rifle, the owner focused on the type of rifles used by US SOCOM US SF and MARSOC in the period 2012-14.

Red Army Airsoft: TAG-35 UBGL Review


The Russian GP-35 grenade launcher got its own airsoft version in the form of the TAG-35 Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) from TAGInn/Airsoft Pyrotechnics. It looks awesome to use with its realistic operation. Red Army Airsoft gives us all the details in this video review... "In this video, we will look at the new TAGinn under-barrel grenade launcher (UBGL) on the expelling charge - TAG-35.

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