Refurbishing The Specna Arms HK416


Fulcrum Refurbishing The Specna Arms HK416

Fulcrum documents his steps in refurbishing a Specna Arms HK416 AEG... "Recently I found the remnants of the Specna Arms HK416C AEG, this gun was a major letdown when it was working. Not only was this gun incredibly picky with magazines but the hop up also left a lot to be desired, you couldn't hit the same target twice at mid to long ranges. It was infuriating to work on too as it took a lot of time and effort to disassemble, and after several hours of fiddling and tweaking it would perform exactly the same as before.

However, since we now have a 3D printer I decided to have another go at fixing this damned gun. I suspect the problem with the hop unit and lack of feeding reliability is down to a casting/moulding error in the receiver assembly. I also thought it would be a good thing to practice different airsoft teching techniques and mods on.

These build diary videos will be longer and less formal than my other videos, so treat them as the alternative to live streams which I cannot do anymore due to the whole issue around guns and livestreaming. If you have anything airsoft related you want to discuss then leave a comment and I'll address it on the next build diary video!

And before I forget, here's my Cults page."

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