Kuma Tactical: AR15 vs HK416


Which is the better the choice? The AR15 or the HK416? Kuma Tactical gives the pros and cons of these two popular rifles... "A classic AR15 has its advantages and disadvantages compared to variants like the Heckler and Koch 416. However, the question is increasingly being asked whether a short stroke piston AR15 like the HK416, its civilian offshoots MR223 and MR556, and similar weapons like the SIG MCX or the Haenel CR223, can actually be referred to as the Ar15.

Choosing Between An AEG & GBB Version Of The HK416 Airsoft Rifle


Liberator Airsoft, a Korean language airsoft channel, talks about the differences between the gas blowback and AEG version of the HK416 airsoft rifle. In this case, he compares the HK416 from the same company, VFC. If you were to ask us which to choose, our answer is simple, get both so you can switch versions depending on the requirements of the game or event.

Refurbishing The Specna Arms HK416


Fulcrum documents his steps in refurbishing a Specna Arms HK416 AEG... "Recently I found the remnants of the Specna Arms HK416C AEG, this gun was a major letdown when it was working. Not only was this gun incredibly picky with magazines but the hop up also left a lot to be desired, you couldn't hit the same target twice at mid to long ranges. It was infuriating to work on too as it took a lot of time and effort to disassemble, and after several hours of fiddling and tweaking it would perform exactly the same as before.

Extreme Budget HK416 AEG Review


The Salty Old Gamer reviews a fully licensed and affordable HK416 AEG that those on a tight budget looking for an HK416 AEG to take a look at... "On a shoestring budget? Want to start airsoft and own a gun but not sure you will stick with it? Just want a basic indoor cqb plinker? This extreme budget airsoft AEG might be for you."

Airsoft GI: Elite Force HK416A4 Gas Blowback Rifle


Boaz gets the honour to talk about the Elite Force HK416A4 Gas Blowback Rifle available at Airsoft GI... "Elite Force has finally released the Officially Licensed HK416a4 Gas Blowback Rifle! This long awaited released has finally reached us and Boaz couldn't wait to get his hands on another GBBR! Lets dive in deeper to find out what the Elite Force HK416a4 GBBR has to offer!"

Custom Double Bell HK416 AEG


Hitman does a quick overview of his custom Double Bell HK416 AEG to show what he has installed or mounted to achieve the look... "A brief account of the 416 Price collection. We didn't go into much detail and there have been a lot of questions about it lately. That's why this video is short."

Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom NGRS


It's another NGRS review by Timerzanov Airsoft and it's a popular one, as it's about the Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom NGRS... "Hi all! For this video I present the HK416 Delta Custom from Tokyo Marui, an EBBR type replica with the features present on the AEG Next Gen from the Japanese manufacturer.

Specna Arms M4 & HK416 Magazine Compatibility Test


Racoon Airsoft checks out the magazine compatibility of M4 and HK416 AEGs from Specna Arms... "Testing a wide range of mid and high cap mags with firing to check compatibility with new Specna Arms ONE range of 416's and M4's with the newer blue rotary hop unit. Not the one found in EDGE and CORE RRA models. H-04 H-07."

Review Of H&K416 AEG Bought From Amazon


Geonox Airsoft got an HK416 AEG from Amazon Germany and when we checked it out, it's €89.90 and has maximum energy of 0.5 Joule. Watch the video how he finds it... "In this video we take a look at the HK 416c from Amazon. We unpack the Airsoft together and see what is included in the scope of delivery. Then we look at the HK 416c from front to back. Finally, we test the whole thing extensively."

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