HK416 AEG With An Airsoft Noob


Damascus Airsoft reviews a US$89.99 HK416 AEG that he says to be best seller on Amazon and has a newbie join him to give her take... "In this video me and a good friend Yali, a complete airsoft newbie, tested out the much requested Amazon Best Seller, the Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG.



An upgraded ROSSI HK416 DEVGRU Red is shown here by OGA Forces... "We bring you the review of our HK416 Devgru model of the ROSSI brand first generation, but upgraded by @lacuevadeltactical and we tell you the before and after of a FullCucumber !! We are very grateful to 'AventuraMonegrosTT' for leaving us their facilities to take this video with a great landscape."

FJS HK416 Gel Blaster


X-Force Tactical does an unboxing and overview of the FJS HK416 Gel Blaster that they carry at their store... "The FJS HK416D is a mag feed entry level blasters for those that wanna get into the sport/hobby without forking out the big bucks.  These are a great blaster with all the bells and whistles but without the price tag.  They shoot around 210-220 FPS with a mag capacity of around 200 gels, so they make a great blaster for the backyarders."

Double Bell HK416 BY-812S AEG Review


The "Hitman more than Airsoft" channel of Hitman Airsoft in Ukraine give us their take on the Double Bell HK416 BY-812S AEG. Featuring a quick spring change system with a 7mm bearing gearbox, it has a functional bolt catch, folding sights, attachements for the QD sling, steel silencer on a 14mm thread, and 6.03 tight bore inner barrel.

Double Bell HK416 801S Tan At Tanie Militaria


HK416-style AEG from Double Bell available at Tanie Militaria... "Airsoft replica by Double Bell, characterized by good performance straight out of the box, good fit of the elements and high quality of the materials used. The replica is mostly made of metal, the stock and the pistol grip are made of polymer material. Small elements such as the muzzle device, bolt feeder, mounting screws or the magazine are made of steel.

Hyperdouraku: Marui HK416 Delta Custom NGRS Shoot Tests


Hyperdouraku brought the Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom NGRS to an indoor range for some windless shooting tests of up to 40 metres to find out how it performs just right of the box. They also check out trigger pull weight so you can discern for yourselves if it should be in your shopping list... "It is a 30m/40m trajectory of the unboxed normal of the HK416 Delta Custom, a next-generation electric gun made by Tokyo Marui.

Upgraded Marui 416 DEVGRU NGRS Test


The leading goto shop for anything Tokyo Marui is Eagle Six Airsoft in the UK and they got parts and adapters especially for the New Generation Recoil Shock Series as well as they do upgrade services. In this video Richard tests an upgraded Marui 416 DEVGRU NGRS, one of the more sought after NGRS models... "Richard from our tech team talks about and demonstrates a customers upgraded Tokyo Marui HK416 Devgru NGRS."

Airsoft Milsim Squad: HK416 Rail/RIS Systems


The Airsoft Milsim Squad show some Rail/RIS Systems that you can use with your airsoft HK416 rifle in this video... "The HK416, an incredibly popular airsoft weapon and well-tried in the sharp range. Which rails are available in the airsoft area, with which properties and in what forms? We clarify that in this video."

Systema 416 Build With ZParts 416 SMR DDC


Zparts release a video showing a custom Systema PTW 416 Build with the Zparts 416 SMR DDC. Available inn 10.5" and 14.5" lengths, these SMR kits are made for System, VFC, Viper, and Tokyo Marui. They have Aluminum alloy CNC machining and coated with hard anodizing in MIL-STD.

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