Raptor Airsoft G4 Full Face Protection


Airsoft Station Raptor Airsoft G4 Full Face Protection

A complete face and helmet system, the Raptor Airsoft G4, is in stock at Airsoft Station... "Raptors Airsoft's ultimate Juggernaut airsoft helmet and full face protection system, this G4 helmet system provides maximum protection and cool ventilation. This military PJ style helmet comes with a NVG mounting bracket, velcro loops for patches, steel mesh mask providing full face protection, and an integrated lens.

  • Military PJ Style Helmet
  • Polymer Construction
  • G4 Style Mesh Mask with integrated Lens offers full face protection
  • Accessory rails for mounting additional accessories such as NAV flash lights, cameras, etc.
  • NVG Mounting bracket
  • Velcro panels for morale patches, IR patches, name tapes, etc.
  • Mask system extends outwards to easily put on and take off the helmet system and can be taken off entirely
  • Internal padding can be removed
  • Adjustable head and chin straps keeps helmet securely in place
  • For Airsoft Use Only

Note: Lens is impact resistant but not specifically ANSI 87.1 Rated. Some fields may require additional eye protection."

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