The Most Expensive Airsoft Face Protection Reviewed


In this video, the Airsoft CamMan reviews four different types of face protection that are more expensive than the average ones. He gives his opinion on the quality, comfort, and protection of the the Lonestar Tactical Spec Ops, the NB Tactical Ghost Mask Fortis, and the Division Six T’Farge.

Face Protecion Gear From OneTigris


OneTigris got a load of a face protecion gear for airsoft players to choose from. From the foldable face masks to the Balaclava ones, they also also come in different designs to suit their mood. L'antre Du Dingo got a bunch of these to check out in this review. These can be ordered via Amazon or any reputable airsoft sellers.

Face Protection From Cygnus Armory


Kraken Airsoft got some positive things about this face protection from Cygnus Armory and we recommend you learn more if it is something you want to bring to field as part of your protective gear... "Today we take a look at some awesome face protection solutions from Cygnus armory! Super comfortable and breathable mesh masks that fit right into any loadout!"

Evike Matt's Top 13 Ways to Protect Your Face


As always we strongly recommend not to skimp on eye and face protection when spending on gear for use in airsoft. There a lot of good options out there and depending on your budget, there are execellent ones and good enough. In this video by, Matt got a list of 13 ways to protect that pretty face and mesmerizing eyes of yours and all of them are available at, online and offline.

Best Airsoft Face Protection


The next worst thing that airsoft players want to avoid in the field apart from a non-functioning airsoft gun is an eye/face protection that fogs up and also does not full protect. Wayward Airsoft got a guide on how to have a setup that avoids such... "A guide to airsoft face protection, what advantages and disadvantages there are to your various options. Some options are just plain unsafe, others fog very quickly, and others are unnecessarily bulky.

Delta Mike Face Pro Review


JAG Airsoft reviews the Delta Mike Face Pro if is the best face protector in the airsoft market... "In this video we're going to be taking a look at a market leading face protection for Airsoft, Delta Mike Face Pro. In my opinion, their products have the potential to be one of the best face protection for Airsoft!

Just a reminder that this is NOT a paid promotion. All the points I will be speaking about are entirely unbiased and from my own experience."

"What Airsoft Face Protection Should I Use?"


Phoenix Feather Airsoft talks about face protection for airsoft use... "Today we talk about Face protection in Airsoft. How to best protect your teeth and face in Airsoft? Why would you need a facemask in airsoft and what are your different options to protect your face and teeth?

We also talk about my preferred setup and how I avoid fogging the most I can! Today We will find out together, what Face protection is the best for you!

WARQ Full Face Protection System Quick Look


The WARQ full face protection systems are available at now and here is a quick look done by Matt... "Looking for a comfortable, easy to use solution for head, eye, face, and ear protection? Look no further than the WARQ Full Face Helmet System.

November Foxtrot: Eye Pro & Face Pro


In episode 21 of the November Foxtrot channel, they talk about protective gear for the eyes and face... "‘Sup, Homeslice?

Welcome to Episode 21! This week we are chatting all things Eye Pro and Face Pro. Eyes are probably the most important thing to protect in airsoft and as such, we would be remiss if we didn't discuss such an important subject!

Why not check out some of our other episodes too - you never know, you might find something of interest :)"

Extreme Airsoft RI Explains: Face Protection


Your pretty face is important that it has to be protection all the time when playing airsoft, especially if you don't want to get eye injuries, a chipped tooth, or get scarred especially in areas where higher FPS are allowed. Extreme Airoft Rhode Island explains more and the various options you can get so your face will emerged unscathed after a skirmish.

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