Navy Seal Light Fighter Tactical PT Body Armor


This item at is not expensive as you perceive... "If you like to run light and want something compact with style, look no further. This is a redesign of the navy seal PT body armor as seen in the movie black hawk down. The entire vest is made with high quality cordura like light weight  material. It is equipped with admin pouch, grenade holder and hydration carrier, which are useful add-on without increasi­ng weight/size of this body armor making it even better than the traditional PT body armor.

It completes the navy seal body armor by enhancing it with the most practical features while keeping its simplicity. The MTS PT Body Armor will also be the best addition to your favorite chest rig and harness, making up for their lack of padding, Velcro and hydration bladder.


In a close quarter environment, there is nothing more compact than this body armor and nothing more mobile for the shooter to equip. This body armor and a dump pouch on your belt will give you the ultimate CQB setup, look and tactical advantage. Plenty of velcro for your team patch, shout out patch and flag patches."

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