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APS Phantom Extremis MKVI PDW Style

Matt of Evike.com got the SBR variant in the APS Phantom Extremis Family, the APS PER MKVI AEG... "Designed to showcase their new, in house designed handguard, the Phantom Extremis by APS is the ideal Airsoft AEG for any airsoft sport, from weekend skirmishes to competetive shooting, the Phantom Extremis is designed to perform in any enviroment.

EMG Transporter 42" Hard Case

Matt talks about the EMG Transporter Hard Cases to carry your airsoft gear and these have a 5-year guarantee... "Buying a high quality hard case is one thing. But buying a high quality rifle case with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!? That's just insane! Insanely good! When you register your EMG Transporter 42" Hard Case at emgarms.com, you get the full 5 year guarantee with your product."

Evike: 300+ GBB Shots Drum Magazine

Evike.com show the AW Custom Gas Drum Magazine series for those who miss using hi-capacity magazines but prefer your gas blowbacks... "If you were to shoot 300 rounds out of a GBB pistol, you would need to reload about 9 times. With the AW Custom Drum Magazine, you wouldn't need to reload at all!!  With a BB capacity of ~400 rounds and a HUGE gas reservoir,  reloading seems like a thing of the past."

Evike.com x Laylax Custom TM M870

Matt talks about this custom rail-laden Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical done with Laylax in this Evike.com video... "Evike.com and Laylax have take the traditional M870 style shotgun and placed it firmly in the 21st century. Stripping it of its archaic and outdated wooden furniture, the Evike.com/Laylax custom Tokyo Marui M870 features all of the hallmarks of a modern combat firearm.

"The Most Compact AEG, EVER"

Know more about the unique G&P Transformer AEG which is available at Evike.com. It is a unique concept as the AEG can be taken apart quickly for storage or even changing its length. No other airsoft mannufacturer offers the same approach to their products...

EMG STI DVC 3-Gun 2011 Teaser

Here is a teaser on the EMG STI DVC 3-Gun 2011 which is on pre-order now at Evike.com... "EMG is proud to announce our next collaboration project with STI to bring highly detailed, high quality training variants of their handguns to Airsoft. These handguns are exceptionally crafted to tight tolerances to mimic the look and feel to that of their real life counterparts.

Evike.com: EMG EBB to Non-EBB Install

If you are an owner of the one the EMG Electric Blowback AEGs and you want to disable the feature, here is a tutorial from Evike.com. You will need to get the Non-EBB mock bolt and install it to the AEG. This has shorter teeth than the EBB bolt allowing the EBB function to be disabled.

Evike.com: Dytac Mini Tracer Demo

Two quick video demos from Evike.com showing the Dytac Mini Tracer. This uses the Xcortech XT301 mini tracer tech which the Dytac guys love. What they did is fit into a mini-mock suppressor shell so that it will fit the Dytac AEGs, especially with their SLR B15 M4 AEG. This uses the 14mm CCW thread so check your airsoft gun first if it has this thread before purchasing it.

Evike: The Best Outtakes From 2018

It has been a good 2018 for Evike.com and they had fun doing the videos and holding events. They put up a compilation of bloopers so watch which are the funniest moments as Matt et al. produce videos for their subs... "2018 has been an amazing year. Evike.com would like to thank ALL of our awesome customers for their continued support. Because of you, the world of Airsoft is just becoming bigger and stronger than ever before. We look forward to what new things 2019 brings us. Happy New Year!!"

Evike.com: Krytac Trident 47 SPR

With the Krytac Tridetn 47 SPR now available in the USA at Evike.com, airsoft players get to play an AK-AR hybrid. Matt tells more in this video... "It's the Krytac Trident AEG that you know and love, except this M4 comes with an AK style magwell and a 600 round AK magazine!  Get the best of both worlds."