Evike Mason's Airsoft Collection


Mason from Evike.com has curated an good ollection of airsoft guns. This collection includes the KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun and the Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Style Full Size Airsoft Shotgun. It also features the JG T3-K3 Full Size Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle and the JG T3 SAS Super Shorty RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle with a Sling End Cap.

Krytac Owners Meeting USA 2023


The annual event that usually takes place in Japan will also have its USA edition. Evike.com announced that they will be hosting Krytac Owners Meeting which will take place on 4 November 2023 and they are now selling tickets… “Are you ready to be a part of the first ever Krytac Owners Meeting on this side of the Pacific Ocean?!

0'20 Magazine: Fancy Playing Inside A Subway?


0'20 Magazine posted on their website what it is like to play aiorsoft inside a subway featuring a Direct Action Mission during an American Milsim Event as featured by Evike.com in 2016... "If we could choose a scenario to organize our craziest and fun airsoft games, this would be on our list with no doubt. Imagine running around, replica in hand, with your colleagues at your side, looking for ways to surprise the other team

EMG Staccato Series GBB Pistols At Evike.com


Matt introduces us to the licensed EMG Staccato Series GBB Pistols now available at Evike.com... "EMG is proud to announce a collaboration with Staccato to bring you highly detailed, high quality training variant of their handguns to Airsoft. We are working closely with Staccato to provide the most accurate replica design and feel of their real life counterparts.

Evike.com: Milsim Loadout


Preparing for your first Milsim event and have no idea on the loadout you need to put together? Evike.com has thought ahead of you and have put together a list of the items you might want. The list is separate from your airsoft gun and this covers you from head to toe. Of course, all of these can be purchased from Evike.com, online or offline.

OP Bad Blood 2023 Highlights


Moondog Industries, which is behind the Bad Blood Series sponsored by Evike.com, posted the highlights of the 2023 edition of the event... "I produced another successful Operation: Bad Blood airsoft event at EMR Event Park in northeastern Pennsylvania. Over 600 players signed up for the event, fewer than last year due to inflation many opting out due to June thunderstorms.

SIG Air ProForce Sportline MPX-K AEG At Evike.com


A review by Matt of the SIG Air ProForce Sportline MPX-K AEG At Evike.com that is available at Evike.com... "The Sportline MPX-K from SIG AIR has been a highly anticipated airsoft gun that many players around the world have been waiting for, ever since SIG announced that they will be entering the airsoft market. This airsoft version is 1:1 scale and features all the same controls, operations, and markings as the real steel counterpart.


APS G-Box CO2 Gas System Series Review By Evike.com


Take your pick or just take both to fit your needs for a carbine length X2 for outdoor games or the compact X1 one for CQB, Evike.com give their take on the APS G-BOX CO2 Blowback Series. The APS G-BOX gas blowback gearbox system is a high-quality, full-metal construction that is compatible with AEG components such as the receiver, handguard, stock, pistol grip, fire selector, magazine release, and charging handle.

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