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G&P Daniel Defense MK18 & M4A1 AEGs

We get to have a quick look at incoming AEGs from G&P that have the G&P i5 Geabox, G&P's improvement on the Version 2 Gearbox. The G&P i5 will be in the G&P Daniel Defense MK18 and M4A1 that will be in stock at "While the traditional version 2 gearbox has for the most part remained unchanged since its inceptions, small changes have occurred over time, usually as the result of popular user modifications that were then made into factory available options.

Evike: EMG M1919 AEG Price Drop

Evike announce that they have taken a big chuck off the EMG M1919 AEG's price... "The M1919 is a .30 caliber chambered medium machine gun that saw much of its life spent in the trenches, foxholes, and fields throughout World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It was based upon the M1917 but was designed to be air-cooled, which made in turn made it the go-to crew serve weapon of choice for many years of service.


Evike: Airsoft Nation Technician Certification

On the Evike Extended Channel on YouTube, they announce that they are offering an Airsoft Nation Technician Certification Program. If you want to make a living by being an airsoft tech, a certification would surely help boost your credentials... "Welcome to the Airsoft Nation Technician Certification Program!  Become a certified Airsoft tech today."

Evike: Elite Force Glocks Pre-Order

The fully licensed Glock pistols will soon be in the U.S. via Elite Force. announced that they are now taking pre-orders for the Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 19 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistols... "Who's ready? Did you pre-order the Elite Force Licensed Glock? The most anticipated Airsoft released of 2018, so ARE YOU READY?"

Elite Force Fully Licensed GLOCK 17 Gen.4 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Evike: G&P MK18 With PolarStar Jack are taking pre-orders for the G&P MK18 equipped with the PolarStar Jack HPA Engine. They are expecting this to be available this month... "G&P, a leader in the AEG market and PolarStar, the leader in the HPA market have joined forces to bring a new type of HPA powered Airsoft gun to the market. The R3, the result of their collaboration, makes HPA easy to use. Gone are the massive external tanks and long, awkward hoses.

Perfect Airsoft Green Gas Adapter Set

Want to directly feed their green gas from the can directly into the magazine just like having an air tank? got this Perfect Airsoft Adapter Set for Green Gas Cannisters and can the threads can fit WE Airsoft, Nuprol, Puffdino and other threaded green gas cannisters. It has solid brass fittings for durability, one-way QD fitting to prevent leaks when attached to the gas gun, and has multiple adapters for different types of gas guns.

Evike 2017 Bloopers Reel - Part 1

The Evike TV crew are putting out their 2017 Blooper Reel, the first part that is, before they start 2018 at full blast with new videos and new episdes for their "Not So Round Table" Talk Show... "Check out all of the hilarious outtakes from this past year. Happy New Years from all of us at Enjoy! Stay tuned for Part 2!"

Evike EMG F-1 Firearms AEG Teaser teases us with another EMG AEG coming up, a fully licensed F-1 Firearms AEG. Looking a the profile of the rifle, this looks like the  F-1 Firearms BDR-10 3G Rifle which is chambered .308 WIN or the 6.5 Creedmore. For those looking for a new DMR to use in airsoft, this can be one to consider next year. EMG Falkor Blitz & RECCE

The EMG Falkor Blitz and Recce Rifles are now in stock at "The wait is over. The new Blitz SBR represents the latest technical advancements in todays modern sporting rifles, boasting unparalleled control and reliability. The upper and lower receiver sets are precision machined in house to optimize operation addressing carrier-tilt and walk. Santa Versus Grenade Launchers

Ouch! How long can Matt stand on his feet as Shades and George open fire on him with grenade launchers in this video? We don't know if Matt lost a bet against the two that he had to suffer wearing a Santa suit and be shot at with airsoft grenade launchers. Anyway, really brave of him to take his hits. Bravo!