MOA 2023: Lambda Defence, 6mm Warehouse & GBL


MOA 2023: Lambda Defense, 6mm Warehouse & GBL

On display at the GBL booth at the MOA Exhibition 2023 is the GHM9-G GBB by Lambda Defence. This is a B&T licensed product from Taiwan that works with GLOCK magazines from various brands. It is made of nylon and fiber polymer and has a 32-round capacity. It is 360 mm long and weighs 1545 g. It has a gas blowback system, an adjustable hop-up, and a semi/full auto/safety mode. It shoots at around 300 fps with a 0.2 g BB bullet. The export version may vary in power.

We get an update on the PCC GBB Kit project by 6mm Warehouse which they plan to be the ultimate PCC GBB kit when it gets released next year. It use SUS440C stainless steel that shines with its high strength and wear resistance, thanks to its unique blend of high carbon content and a martensitic stainless steel structure. This tough cookie also boasts decent corrosion resistance, making it a versatile choice for demanding application. It also has a CNC aluminium handguard.

Also featured is the the GBL Gas Blowback receiver available for the GHK and Tokyo Marui MWS M4 Gas Blowback Rifles. Once you select which GBB system to use, you can mix and match the various parts such as hanguard, stock, etc. to come up with your own unique AR-style airsoft gas blowback rifle.

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