Installing The Lambda Defence SD Kit For GHM9-G GBB


In this video, Jaeger Precision demonstrates how to install the Lambda Defence SD Kit for the B&T GHM9-G GBB, a must-have accessory for this gas blowback rifle. The kit is made of metal and features an M-LOK mounting system and a 20mm 1913 rail handguard, allowing for various attachments and customization options. The kit is fully compatible with the B&T GHM9-G GBB and enhances its performance and aesthetics.

MOA 2023: Lambda Defence, 6mm Warehouse & GBL


On display at the GBL booth at the MOA Exhibition 2023 is the GHM9-G GBB by Lambda Defence. This is a B&T licensed product from Taiwan that works with GLOCK magazines from various brands. It is made of nylon and fiber polymer and has a 32-round capacity. It is 360 mm long and weighs 1545 g. It has a gas blowback system, an adjustable hop-up, and a semi/full auto/safety mode. It shoots at around 300 fps with a 0.2 g BB bullet.

Middle Aged Gamer: B&T GHM9 G GBB SMG PDW Review


The Middle Aged Gamer gives his take on the  B&T GHM9 G GBB SMG PDW which was recently released... "In this video we Review the latest offering from Lambda Defence the Officially licenced B&T GHM-9-G GBB SMG/PDW. This is there first GBB Airsoft Product as before this they were known for there amazing LMGs."

Jaeger Precision On The Lambda Defence B&T GHM9-G GBB


Jaeger Precision takes apart of the Lambda Defence B&T GHM9-G GBB to find out its build quality. The Lambda GHM9-G Airsoft GBB SMG Rifle is a replica of the B&T GHM-9, designed for dynamic airsoft shooting. It features an integrated shoulder stock, hydraulic recoil damping, and is constructed from high-quality components.

Lambda Defense MK48 MOD 0 At Amped Airsoft


The hefty AEG from Lambda Defense, the MK48 MOD 0 is available at Amped Airsoft... "Who likes big replicas? The Lambda Mk48 Mod 0 weighs at a staggering 19 lbs, and that's not even including the weight from the full 5000 round box mag! Tag someone who would run this!"


Lambda B&T GHM9-G GBB The Scorpion Killer?


Check the Lambda B&T GHM9-G GBB if it is the Scorption killer in this video by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "This fully licensed B&T GHM9-G GBB by Lambda Defense ensures you have ample firepower to dominate the battlefield. Named after the aggressive scorpion eating Grasshopper Mouse, its lightweight design allows for swift and agile movements, granting you a tactical advantage over your opponents.

Arms Magazine: Lambda Defense MK48 MK3 MOD.1 AEG


Arms Magazine writes about the next LMG AEG release from Lambda Defense, the FN MK3 MOD.1 7.62mm AEG... "This model reproduced for the first time in the world as an airsoft gun is also called 'FN MINIMI 7.62'. The Mk48 developed at the request of USSOCOM is MOD.0 equipped with a fixed stock and a forearm with a rail system, MOD.1 equipped with a heat shield and a retractable stock on a retractable stock and FN type triple rail specification forearm.

Lambda Defense MK48 Full Steel AEG Review


Donguk Seo gives us a good review of the Lambda Defense MK48 Full Steel AEGs available at SWAT Model Korea. This AEG is made in Taiwan and weighs 8.5kg when it is unloaded with most of the AEG is made of steel externally. It has hardened stainless gear, 5,000-BB round auto winding electric box magazine, tri-rail system at the front, and Lambda Defense collapsible stock.

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