Kitted Out GHK AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle


Gun Pornographer Kitted Out GHK AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle

The Gun Pornographer quickly demonstrates his fully accessories GHK AKS74U Gas Blowback with Zenitco furniture. The GHK AKS74U is a gas blowback rifle that boasts a stamped steel receiver and stock, enhancing its durability and authenticity. The rifle's aesthetic appeal is heightened by its beautiful real wood handguard. The full metal barrel assembly ensures robustness and longevity. The internal parts, made from alloy and steel, contribute to the overall sturdiness of the rifle. One of the standout features of the GHK AKS74U is its hard kick recoil, which provides a realistic shooting experience. This is complemented by the realistic blowback action.

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