JLS RX4 AEG Gearbox Upgrade Review


It has been ages since we have heard the "JLS" brand again. An ACM airsoft company that releases airsoft guns that are not M4s or AKs, having released the first SCAR-L and XM8 AEGs in the market, gets a mention again. This time, Team Blacksheep does an upgrade of the JLS RX4 AEG, which was released in 2008, and give us a review of this AEG... "One of the team members picked up an old JLS RX4 and we wanted to upgrade it and see what we could do with it. The rifle is not very popular and it is hard to find solid info on it so we did a blog with pictures and a video to help get some info out there."

Read here for the full review and below is the video:

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