JLS RX4 AEG Gearbox Upgrade Review


It has been ages since we have heard the "JLS" brand again. An ACM airsoft company that releases airsoft guns that are not M4s or AKs, having released the first SCAR-L and XM8 AEGs in the market, gets a mention again. This time, Team Blacksheep does an upgrade of the JLS RX4 AEG, which was released in 2008, and give us a review of this AEG... "One of the team members picked up an old JLS RX4 and we wanted to upgrade it and see what we could do with it.

Beretta RX4 Storm by JLS


In a sea of M4s, MP5s and AKs---it is refreshing to see new types of AEGs in the field. JLS is one of the Chinese airsoft manufacturers that bring new models of AEGs in the market. They may not be as prolific as Jing Gong (JG or Golden Bow) or Dboys, but one thing that makes JLS stand out from the rest is their originality. Most ACM brag about being full Tokyo Marui (TM) clone, but this RX4, ladies and gents is NO CLONE.

2-Tone JLS FN2000 Price Drop


Airsoft Scotland is promoting a price drop of their 2-tone AEGs. Like the 2-tone JLS FN2000, it's now available at £99.99 from its original price of £139.99... "This AEG from JLS packs the un-usual with the practical, high quality and a real punch, based on the FN2000 this AEG is a real winner if you like bull-pup guns, The gun is injection molded in green ABS (same as the black/tan originals) and also has a nice site friendly FPS of 315.

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09 Aug 2022

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