GHK G5 GBB Unboxing By Redmantoys Airsoft


Redmantoys Airsoft GHK G5 GBB Unboxing

We are seeing more videos of the GHK G5 GBB Rifle, the GBB that put GHK Airsoft into the radar of many airsoft players. Redmantoys Airsoft does an unboxing video of this well-received GBB. The GHK G5 is a lightweight, gas blowback rifle made from durable DuPont nylon fiber. It is ideal for CQB with its retractable and folding stock, foldable sights, and 38 round magazine. The G5 is fully ambidextrous with controls on both sides, and the cocking handle can be moved to either side. It can fire either fully or semi-automatic.

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