GHK AUG A2 GBB First Impressions & Gameplay


Total Recoil Airsoft GHK AUG A2 GBB First Impressions & Gameplay

Total Recall Airsoft says tha tthe GHK Aug A2 Gas Blowback Bullpup is one incredible GBBR. Find out in the video why... "Hey guys! In this video, I'm briefly discussing my experiences so far with the GHK AUG A2 Gas Blow Back Rifle. As you'll see in the video, the AUG is a really special gun for me and I just couldn't wait to kit up in Auscam and take her out to a skirm! Keep in mind this is only a 'first impressions' video and not a full review. Which I will make one day in the future :).

Sorry for the long waits but I'm working on some really cool stuff that'll start coming out very soon!"

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