Gaosen Kinetics On The VFC M3 MAAWS


Gaosen Kinetics On The VFC M3 MAAWS

Gaosen Kinetics gets to be one of the first to give his take on the VFC M4 MAAWS/Carl Gustaf... "I had the luck to take an early look at the VegaForceCompany (VFC) M3 MAAWS, aka the Carl Gustaf, airsoft rocket launcher replica (technically a recoilless rifle, but I don't want to need to explain what that is, so just ROLL WITH IT okay?).

It's a really interesting offering on the airsoft scene; something that is usually more limited to small-run or home-brew bodging, made at a large scale and at a (relatively) reasonable price point. I think this could very well become a mainstay of a lot of airsoft scenario games and milsim events.

Check out the vid for an overview of what's included in the base gun package, as well as a sampling of the separate/aftermarket accessories."

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