E&L Airsoft Essential Series of AEGs


E&L Airsoft  Essential Series of AEGs

A quick presentation by E&L Airsoft of their Essential Series covering the AK-74N, AKS-74N, and AK74U AEGs that are popular amongst players... "Inspired by their American rivals, the USSR introduced a 'modernized' cartridge for the AK series.


  • Steel body construction, including skeleton folding stock, with real wood handguard
  • 1:1 scale compared to a real AKS-74N
  • Adjustable rear leaf sight with fixed front
  • Plenty of battery space above the gearbox, accessible by removing the dust cover
  • Full metal hop-up chamber
  • Authentic front and rear sling mounting points
  • Includes one 120rd mid-cap magazine
  • Full metal Version 3 gearbox is fully upgradeable with standard parts
  • Receiver-mounted dovetail mount for adding Russian-style optics and accessories

Exclusively distributed by MOS USA."

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