In-Depth Review Of The Somogear NGAL


Gat Cat Till In-Depth Review Of The Somogear NGAL

A comprehensive review of the Somogear NGAL by Gat Cat Till if its the best NGAL replica in the market... "We're taking a look at the somogear NGAL and how it compares to the current offerings from Somogear; their PEQ-15. We'll also compare it to a known commercial laser (Streamlight TLR VIR II) and see how the power output compares in all modes to gain some insight into whether or not somogear did tank the Full power status of the NGAL as it appears on their website (They did not).

TLDW: Illuminator is beautiful, laser is powerful, zero is slaved vis to IR and it has continued to hold zero, even after removing and replacing it on my rail as long as I put it on the same mark with the same torque (40 inch lb)."

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