InvisibleSight IS-EG NGAL Clone


4MR Ranch goes over the InvisbleSight IS-EG NGAL if it is a good enough NGAL clone. The IS-EG NGAL arrives from the factory mostly complete, but requires final assembly and quality control. Each unit goes through a thorough inspection to ensure all parts meet exact specifications. Once everything checks out, the parts are assembled into a finished laser sight illuminator. The final product is then rigorously tested before being shipped to the customer.

4MR Ranch's SOMO Gear NGAL Review


The SOMO Gear's NGAL replica, which is in use in airsoft, is getting some serious look from those in the real steel community. 4MR Ranch got one to check out. The SomoGear NGAL is a tough, small, and light airsoft laser sight combo that works with night vision devices. It mounts on Picatinny rails, has a zeroing laser with clicks, and includes a visible laser, infrared laser, and illuminator. The power is adjustable, but caution is advised as some settings are not eye-safe.

Metal Saber: SOMOGear PEQ15 vs NGAL


In the airsoft market, SOMOGear is renowned for its high-quality replicas of various aiming devices. Metal Saber's comparison of the company's PEQ15 and NGAL replicas reveals key differences. While both are effective laser devices for airsoft, the NGAL stands out with superior laser technology, a brighter visible laser, a more efficient illuminator, and a smaller, lighter design.

Another SOMO Gear NGAL Initial Test


If you're on the fence if you're going to get the SOMO Gear NGAL to use on your airsoft gun, here is a another test done by 4MR Ranch. The SomoGear NGAL Airsoft Gear, a replica product from the brand SOMOGEAR, is a rugged system that is both ultra-compact and lightweight. It is designed to be compatible with all generations of night vision devices. The gear fits perfectly on a Picatinny Rail MIL-STD-1913 and features a CNC 6063 aircraft aluminum housing painted in a tan color.

In-Depth Review Of The Somogear NGAL


A comprehensive review of the Somogear NGAL by Gat Cat Till if its the best NGAL replica in the market... "We're taking a look at the somogear NGAL and how it compares to the current offerings from Somogear; their PEQ-15. We'll also compare it to a known commercial laser (Streamlight TLR VIR II) and see how the power output compares in all modes to gain some insight into whether or not somogear did tank the Full power status of the NGAL as it appears on their website (They did not).

SOMO Gear NGAL Replica Review


Metal Saber gives his take on this nicely made replica of the NGAL by Somogear for airsoft use... "Table top review of the Somogear NGAL Airsoft Clone.  Going over some basics of the unit as well as my opinions. I've had the unit for a few days now. Will get this mounted to a MK18 and test out to see if it holds zero?

So far very impressed with the quality over the PEQ15 clone."

SOMOGEAR NGAL Replica Review


SAT&Gaming Airsoft goes over the NGAL replica for airsoft use made by SOMOGEAR... "Still talking about SOMOGEAR, today we look at the NGAL model which has some differences compared to the PEQ 15 that we have already seen. You can find the PEQ at SAS Modellismo in Milan."



Black Winter Airsoft takes a look at the FMA LAB PEQ NGAL for airsoft use. It comes with a 230 lumen light, red laser, and IR. Powered by CR123A battery, the laser can be zero'ed in and comes with a remote extension switch. Other features are multiple power settings and can be mounted on Picatinny rails.

Defense Laboratory's L3 NGAL Replica Review


Defense Laboratory in Brazil gets to test this replica of the L3 NGAL for airsoft use... "New video with detailed review of NGAL L3 laser sight for airsofts! A very rare accessory here in Brazil and that we put in our airsoft M4 GBBR KJW project! I hope you enjoy the video content! Leave any questions you had in the comments, which I will answer as much as possible! Thank you guys."

SOMO Gear Next Generation Aiming Laser NGAL


ScarFab94 takes a look at this SOMO Gear Next Generation Aiming Laser NGAL which looks well-built with CNC 6063 Aircraft Aluminum. This has a high precision visible Green/Red Dot Laser IR Laser Combo with integrated LED flashlight. It is compatible with night vision devices and the button & Wire remote control switch works with selector switch.

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