Behind The Scenes Look At SureFire Suppressors


Silencershop Behind The Scenes Look at SureFire Suppressors

A presentation by the Silencershop showing the some BTS footage about the suppressors from Surefire... "'A SENSE OF URGENCY AND A BIAS FOR ACTION.' That is the SureFire motto, and we put it to the test by going behind the scenes at SureFire’s headquarters. In our first ever documentary-style video, Silencer Shop gets the privilege of showing you never before seen footage of how a SureFire suppressor is made.

You’ll see in this video that SureFire goes above and beyond to ensure their products are not only reliable, but also incredibly consistent. Whether they’re building for military or civilians, SureFire makes sure that every single silencer meets their expectations. By making all of their suppressors in-house and testing every single one before it leaves their shop, you’ll be able to witness SureFire’s efficiency and dedication to high-quality suppressors.

Join us as we walk through the life of SureFire suppressors. From raw materials to taking the silencers out to the range, you will get to see the intricacies that give SureFire the name and dependability we all know and love."

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