Basic Drills For EDC, Home Defense & Night Vision


Dirty Civilian Basic Drills For EDC, Home Defense & Night Vision

The Dirty Civilian shows some drills that you might want to try... "We break down a short list of drills that anyone can run to measure their ability. These are by no means the end zone of standards but they are a basic measuring stick to evaluate yourself by. We look forward to increasing these standards, introducing new drills and evaluating basic ability with tools not seen in this episode.

Why are shooting drills important? Not just because you need shooting skills, but because you need a way to measure how ready you are to move on. After all, if the only criteria you have to "being prepared" is your time on a shooting drill, you're missing vastly more important skill sets. So set a standard for yourself, meet it, and free yourself up to focus on food prep, water treatment, energy collection, physical fitness, medical plans, etc."

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