ASGI: Elite Force G36C w/ EBB & MOSFET


Taylor of Airsoft GI talks about one of his favourite airsoft guns, the Elite Force G36C AEG that comes with electric blowback and MOSFET... "The H&K G36C airsoft rifle features a very strong polymer body designed to withstand different types of impacts. The stock folds to the side for an even more compact design when entering corners or getting out of vehicles. Two features that set this AEG apart from the rest are the mechanical blowback system and the 2-round burst. The mechanical blowback provides a slight amount of kick for the extra sense of realism, while the burst fire allows you to get off two quick shots to improve your chances of a hit. There's plenty of space to add lasers, optics and other loadout accessories to your Elite Force G36C Black Airsoft Rifle as well. Attach them to the full-length top rail or use the short rail sections on the bottom and sides of the handguard.

Internally, the pre-upgraded version 3 gearbox is designed for performance and reliability. The torque motor provides a quicker trigger response while the steel gears and polycarbonate piston provide a higher form of reliability. Last but not least, the low-resistance wires and built-in MOSFET provide a better flow of electrical current. In return for better trigger response. The MOSFET regulates the flow of electricity better prolonging the trigger contact life. Clocking in at just under 350 feet per second, this rifle is an excellent choice for close quarter engagements where speed and accuracy matter the most. You'll receive industry-leading service and support from both Elite Force and Airsoft GI when you order this authentic airsoft replica of the H&K G36C."

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