Kevin's Top 5 Airsoft Guns of 2021 & 2020


It's the turn of Kevin of Airsoft GI to list his top 5 airsoft guns in 2021 and 2020... "Why did we keep this format you ask? Because for some reason you like it with Boaz' list! So to keep you entertained Kevin made a list for you to enjoy! If you were curious what Kevin's favorite guns from the past 1 1/2 years, here is it! Kevin's Top 5 Airsoft Gun of 2021 and 2020. What airsoft gun do you like the most from Kevin's list? Let us know in the comments!"

Airsoft GI: Is The Hype Real?


That's the question that Airsoft GI will try to answer on the WE Airsoft Galaxy G Gas Blowback Pistol series, WE's answer to the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol... "The WE Galaxy G-Series Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols are finally back in stock! These and the Action Army AAP-01 have been the hot commodity! Does the WE Galaxy live up to the hype?

Boaz's Top 5 Airsoft Guns of 2021 & 2020


Boaz lists his top 5 airsoft guns in the Covid years in this Airsoft GI TV episode... "We are finally half way done with 2021! Boaz, Kevin, and I decided to give out top five airsoft guns of the past year. We dipped back into 2020 because there haven't been too many new airsoft guns this year so far. We still have the rest of 2021, so we hope we get to see more! We pulled straws and Boaz is the first to go! We are trying a new format for the video to be more entertaining for you!

Bravo Tracer Units At Airsoft GI


More Tracer Units for airsoft players to choose from with the Bravo Tracer Units available at Airsoft GI... "Bravo has been around the airsoft block. Making quality airsoft guns and accessories. Their newest addition to their line up is one to grab for yourself! The Bravo Tracer Unit Line has different sizes and styles for you to find the perfect match for you! Kevin got to take a look at these beauties first. Let's see what he has to say!"

Boaz's KWA PTS Magpul RM4 ERG


Video from Airsoft GI show Boaz showing a KWA PTS Magpul RM4 ERG from his private collection... "Boaz takes us back in time to show off his classic KWA PTS MagPul RM4 ERG! He has done a lot of work to the old school beauty and wanted to show it off! Lets see why this airsoft gun is a part of his private collection!"

KWA Original EVE-4 AEG PDW Sneak Peek


Airsoft GI gives us a quick look of the KWA EVE-4 AEG PDW they spotted during their visit at KWA USA... "KWA just dropped some new hotness on us! Wanting to provide a more affordable option on the market, while still having high performance out of the box. KWA has announced the new KO: EVE-4 and EVE-9 AEGs! With the 2.5 Gearbox and a original design polymer receiver, you get the amazing performance you love from KWA, in a light weight package!"

Life Of An Airsoft YouTuber


Good topic picked by the Airsoft GI crew as they discuss the life of an airsoft YouTuber together with the famous USAirsoft... "While USAirsoft was in California, I wanted to dive deeper into his live as an "airsoft youtuber". Like everyone else, he has plenty of hobbies and interests. So I asked Scott some of the questions that a lot of us have. Turn the Dead Box Podcast on and listen while you are taking care of other things lol."

Airsoft GI's Take On The G&G GPM1911 CP GBB Pistol


G&G Armament has something to match the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB pistol and it is the  G&G GPM1911 CP. Cisco takes a look at this latest pistol from G&G... "G&G is entering the Hi-Capa World with their new GPM1911 CP! G&G has released banger after banger the past couple of years and their gas blowback pistols have upped the ante for other gas blowback pistols on the market!

USAirsoft: We Rank Your Airsoft Guns


USAirsoft is joined by the Airsoft GI TV crew to rank your airsoft guns. But which airsoft guns? Watch the video.... "We opened the flood gates by telling you to tag usairsoftyoutube on Instagram to submit your Air Soft builds to be ranked in a tier list and that led to over 200 builds being submitted. Yeah, there was no way we could rank all of them but we did our best to gather a good mix of them!

So let's see what you got!"

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