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Airsoft GI

6 Barreled ASGI Voltron Custom

Airsoft GI released their own multi-barreled airsoft gun to end the multi-barrel airsoft gun debate after the other manufacturers released their own versions just for the heck of it when Classic Army announced their DT-4 AEG. Too bad it's not yet the 1st of April... "Okay Elite Force, G&G Armament and Classic Army USA, we all had our fun, but let's not forget that teamwork makes the dream work! Together, we can build a brighter future for the airsoft community as a whole."

ASGI: Classic Army Skirmish ECS KM10

Here is another Classic Army AEG with the ECS now in stock at Airsoft GI, the Classic Army Skirmish ECS KM10 and presented in the video below... "Classic Army is a leading manufacturer of Airsoft products, setting standards for the entire industry. Classic Army produced the first full metal production M4 and MP5 AEGs. Classic Army built the first glass-filled nylon fiber AEG in their G36.

ASGI Uncut: Custom VFC 416 Overhaul

GI Tactical East Coast in Virginia accepts custom work requests as shown in this Airsoft GI Uncut video. Tommy shows the VFC HK416 AEG that he did a custom overhaul... "Hey guys! Today, Tommy the Tech showcases one of our completed tech commissions! If you want to upgrade your GAT, come on down to our Henrico, VA location!"

ASGI: Blue Fox Tracker Breakdown

Airsoft GI takes a look at the Blue Force Tracker from DesertFox Events... "Jet and Mike hit a detailed breakdown of the revolutionary new Blue Fox Tracker app - designed for use at Desertfox Events! Augment your gaming reality and add a quantifiable scoreboard into your game, for the first time in airsoft history!

Airsoft GI Uncut: Gun Bag PSA

A short PSA video showing you the importance of having a gun bag in transporting your airsoft gun especially whilst in public places. It is always a matter of life and death when you carry realistic-looking firearm replicas in public spaces when members of the public panic and call the police. Airsoft GI, which made this PSA, got some gun bags available for you to order (of course).

Classic Army Nemesis Extension Tubes

Want a bigger Lipo battery to work with the Classic Army Nemesis AEG for you to stay longer in the field? Airsoft GI recommends getting the extension tubes... "Classic Army Nemesis Battery Extension Tube will add ~ 41mm / 1.625in. to the battery tube allowing you to insert a longer Lipo battery. Will only work on Classic Army Nemesis Series AEG with a PDW style stock."

How To Properly Weave MOLLE Pouches

Still have no clue on properly attaching your MOLLE pouches to MOLLE vests and belts? Don't worry, Airsoft GI Uncut has put up this video showing you how. If it does not help, you better buy MOLLE gear with all the pouches and attachments already pre-configured to your needs. But do watch it over and over until you get it right.

ASGI 15th Anniversary Nemesis X9 Bundle

Airsoft GI are celebrating their 15th year anniversary in the business with their Exclusive X9 Bundle that will be available in April 2018... "Airsoft GI is proud to present our 15th Anniversary Classic Army Nemesis X9 exclusive package for a budget friendly cost! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we're giving away two huge gift cards. Preorder the anniversary X9 for your chance to win the $1500 or $1000 gift card! Only 2 cards are available with this super limited run of guns.

ASGI: CA Skirmish Line Torture Test

Something we always like to see in video reviews or product presentations, a torture test! Airsoft GI does one with the Classic Army Skirmish Line AEGs... "Mike and Cisco take the Classic Army Skirmish EC1 / EC2 rifles and put them through the meatgrinder! A... meatgrinder filled with Egg Nog. Are these entry level AEGs as surprisingly robust as the Lancer Tactical Gen 2s? Watch and find out!"

Airsoft GI: New Elite Force CO2 1911s

Elite Force 1911 CO2 Blowback Pistols are sought after in the States are really popular. Will the third generation be able to give you more performance than the previous ones? Airsoft GI talks about these new releases which they now have in stock.... "Classic, brutally efficient CO2-driven Elite Force performance - now in two hot new flavors!