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Airsoft GI

KWA TK.45 Gate Titan Special Edition

A custom KWA TK.45 with a Gate Titan MOSFET is featured in this Airsoft GI video and they ar expecting it to be available at their store soon... "Aaron gets a HANDS ON first ever look at the custom TK.45 from KWA. Beautiful cerakote finish, laser engraved logo, AND a GATE Titan fitted in two of the TK45 Styles that KWA has created and distributed. Stay Tuned for the RELEASE DATE!"

Elite Force MP5K Battery Install

Airsoft GI shows us how to install the battery in the new Elite Force MP5K AEG... "The H&K MP5K-PDW is a compact gun with an 8.4V NiMH rechargeable battery (charger included). Realistic look and feel with full metal gears/gearbox, 200 round metal hi-cap magazine with adjustable hop-up. Full or semi-automatic firepower."

CA VMS Mid-Cap Compatibility Test

How compatible is the Classic Army M4 VMS Mid-Cap to other M4 AEGs? Find out in this Airsoft GI Uncut episode... "Few things in airsoft are more necessary than extra magazines! Stock up on one of the best mid cap magazines around with the Classic Army VMS 160 round magazine. This polymer magazine features a unique texture and design on its exterior for an aesthetically pleasing build.

Airsoft GI: Armorer Works Hi-Capa Line

The AW Custom Hi-Capa line of Gas Blowback Pistols is in stock at Airsoft GI. Aaron shows the  available pistols in this line that are available in different colours... "Aaron does a quick overview of the Armorer Works Hi-Capa Line! Aaron also may need a therapist .. and a hairbrush."

ASGI: Classic Army SPR MOD 0 2019

An old Classic Army favourite, the M15A4 SPR MK12 Mod 0 is available at Airsoft GI... "Looking for a long range solution to your airsoft bad guy problems? Look no further than the Classic army M15A4 SPR MK12 MOD 0! This gun excels at distance shooting, allowing you to cover your friends as they move up on objectives, stealthily take down tangos, and smash the opposition with a hail of precision fire!

PTS Product Highlight Showcase W/ Greg Wong

Airsoft GI video with Greg Wong, aka Spartan117gw, to talk about products from PTS Syndicate that you probably want to spend your Christmas budget on... "Greg and I show off some really cool PTS Products that we offer! Thank you Greg for stopping by and showcasing some really cool products!"

ASGI: Titan Power, The 5 Day Battery?

In this Airsoft GI Uncut episode, they talk about the Li-On batteries from Titan Power and how they last longer making them a good choice for AEGs... "Titan Power batteries are a newcomer to the airsoft battery market by being the first to introduce Lithium Ion batteries to the airsoft market. These batteries are, by mAh rating, smaller than standard LiPO battery packs.

Airsoft GI: Pistol In Movies

With airsoft guns now being used as props in movies and television, with some added video software editing magic, it makes it more affordable to make movies. In this video from Airsoft GI, they talk about pistols in movies, showing the airsoft replicas of these guns. Which pistol is you favourite that is used in a movie? Pretty sure you have a list.

Airsoft GI: "If I Won The Lotto?"

The Mega Millions craze that hit the U.S. when people started grabbing lotto tickets for the chance to win over a billion dollars and had a single lottery winner. Now, as an airsofter and if you won that amount, what would you do? Here are the Airsoft GI guys tell how they will spend that money.

ASGI: Limited Edition Elite Force MP5K

Aaron tells more about the Limited Edition Elite Force MP5K that is in stock right now at Airsoft GI... "The H&K MP5K Limited Edition by Elite Force is a fully licensed MP5 AEG, and is one of the few licensed MP5 variants available in the market, and is the closest replica to the real gun counterpart on the airsoft market.