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Airsoft GI: Elite Force G17 & G19 GBBs

After Diles46, Cisco of Airsoft GI shows the fully-licensed G17 and 19 Gas Blowback Pistols from Elite Force... "That's right, it's finally happening! After years of unanswered demand, we're very excited to give you an exclusive look at the first officially licensed GLOCK airsoft guns on the market - brought to you by Elite Force! A huge thanks to Cliff from Elite Force/Umarex for swinging by the office after a very busy day at Airsoftcon!"

ASGI: What Do You Need To Play Airsoft?

Airsoft GI got some stuff you need to play airsoft apart from getting your first airsoft gun... "Let's say you've already got your gun and you are trying to find other things to ensure you squeeze the most out of your airsoft experience. Well, we go over those details in this video of the extra items to fill your needs and wants! Check it out!"

Where To Go After Starter Package

Now, after getting your starter package when beginning to play airsoft and many games behind you, you want to go to the next level. Airsoft GI recommends some items to get you going to intermediate levels... "You've snagged the best airsoft starter package, but you want to step your game up even more. Where do you go from here?"

ASGI Uncut: Elite Force GLOCK Details

Diles46 show more details of the fully-licensed Glock pistols from Elite Force. Elite Force is the U.S. airsoft brand of Umarex which recently announced that they will carring the airsoft glock worldwide with the exception of France and other French territories. Watch the video from Airsoft GI Uncut below:

Raptor PKP AEG & Kit Now Released

Raptor Airsoft sent in news that the Raptor PKP Pecheneg AEG and the PKP kit for the A&K PKM is now released. For U.S.-based players, they can order theirs from Airsoft GI... "Our newest products are PKP AEG & PKP Conversion Kit. Kit had released already & AEG will be available in October. Also our PKP Conversion Kit is full fitted for A&K PKM, no need for modifications."

Airsoft GI The Gun Locker Episode 1

Airsoft GI got another YouTube Series online. Called "The Gun Locker", the first episode features Mike from ASGI California... "Mike from our California walk-in store takes us through the details of his arsenal! Give him ideas for his Tokyo Marui Next Gen Recoil System in the comments below, and don't forget to like, share and sub!"

ASGI TGH: FSB PKP Pecheneg Loadout

With the Raptor PKP arriving at Airsoft GI, they put together a FSB loadout to go along with it in this Tactical Gear Heads episode... "Cisco and Jason take a look at his authentic Essentuki FSB Machine Gunner kit, featuring real Russian gear that's almost entirely issued to Russian Special Forces units! Additionally, we've got your first look at the Raptor PKP Pecheneg - the first PKP on the market and maybe the best new LMG we've seen in years!"

ASGI Uncut: The Deal Of The Century

Airsoft GI Uncut shows their Deal of the Century, showing your their Best Airsoft Starter Package. If you are starting in airsoft, this might be the stuff you need to get you kitted out and ready for your first serious airsoft skirmish... "The Airsoft GI 'Best Airsoft Starter Package' is a comprehensive loadout at a phenomenal price point. If you have been trying to get in to the sport of airsoft at a competitive level for a low cost, this is the deal for you!"

Nemesis Programming And Battery Storage

Tips from Airsoft GI in operating the Classic Army Nemesis AEG Series especially as they have MOSFETs installed... "The Classic Army Nemesis line of guns are a great option for power, range, upgrade-ability, and adjustability. Follow the video to see how to program your Electronic Control Unit to get the most out of these high performance guns!"

ASGI Uncut: Best Airsoft Starter Gear

This recommendation from Airsoft GI on the best starter gear for new airsoft players is something that we can agree with. Watch the video to learn more why... "The Crossdraw vest is not an end-all, be-all platform, but it will accomplish everything you need and more for the player that is looking to get started with something inexpensive and versatile."