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How To Adjust M4 Hop-Up Quick Tip

One of the first things that airsoft players should know in using their airsoft guns is adjusting the hop-up to get the desired range. Airsoft GI Uncut shows you how to do this with the M4 hop-up... "Dave has a quick tip on how to adjust the Hop Up on your M4-style airsoft gun. adjusting hop up on other styles is very similar, and many of the same concepts apply!"

Airsoft GI Does A BB Weight Shootout

To answer which BB weight is best for AEGs, Cisco of Airsoft GI does a BB Shootout video. For us, it is what we find more comfortable to use in shooting is what you should go for... "We get asked what weight BBs to use for AEGs by beginners quite frequently, so we've shot a video to show you what's what!

ASGI Uncut: "The Best SMG Ever?!?"

Is the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG the best airsoft SMG ever? GI Dave of GI Tactical Texas takes it to the D14 Airsoft field to find out in this Airsoft GI Uncut video... "Dave gets to try out the new Krytac Vector AEG in a real deal gameplay situation at D14 Airsoft! See what he thinks and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!"

E&L Airsoft M4 AEGs First Impressions

The E&L Airsoft AK AEGs are sought after due to their detail, durability, and good performance in the field. But will their airsoft AEG versions of the M4 will be as good as well? We have not tried our hands on yet but GI Michael did as shown in this Airsoft GI Uncut video... "Michael takes a look at the new line of Full Metal M4 AEG's by E&L."

GI Tommy's G&P Custom Shorty M4

In another episode of Airsoft GI Uncut's "The Arsenal", GI Tommy shows his G&P Custom Shorty M4 AEG. For enhanced electronics he uses the the Gate Electronics Titan ETU, with the gearbox parts from SHS, Modify, and Retro Arms. This is powered by g 11.1v 45c-90c 1300mah Lipo which is attached in the rear with a Deans connector.

GI Michael's Noveske M4 CQB AEG

Aaaahhh!! SOCOM Gear, the brand that we haven't hear much about lately. In this video from Airsoft GI Uncut we get to see the SOCOM Gear Noveske M4 CQB AEG that is used by GI Michael as part of their "The Arsenal" series... "Michael shows us his SOCOM Gear M4, Licensed by Noveske!

If you were interested in any of the parts on this gun, they are all listed here!"

ASGI Uncut: TK's DBoys M4A1 Grenadier

In this episode of Airsoft GI's Uncut, TK shows his DBoys M4A1 Grenadier. To put this together, he got the DBoys M4 RIS Carbine AEG, a DBous Long M203 Launcher, a Tac 9 AN/PEQ-16A Integrated Pointer/Illuminator Module, and for his gas grenade shell, a Lancer Tactical 18 rd. BB Shower Grenade Shell. Watch below to learn more:

ASGI's KRISS Vector AEG Internals Overview

With the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG now shipping to retailers and distributors who in turn will ship them to customers, have some serious features for an AEG. Customers who will need more information about the AEG, especially about the internals, can check this video from Airsoft GI as they go over the internals in this video.

ASGI The Arsenal: Duncan's Stoner LMG

Another episode of The Arsenal and another personalised airsoft gun from one of the crew of Airsoft GI. In this video, Duncan shows his Stoner LMG which is a fully licensed AEG from Knight's Armament Company. Find out what modifications he made to this LMG internally and externally by watching the episode below:

ASGI PSA: How Mystery Boxes Work

Still confused in participating in the Mystery Box promos by airsoft retailers, especially with Airsoft GI? Here is PSA done by Airsoft GI in this Uncut episode with Michael explaining how it works... "We get questions about this all the time, so we wanted to run you through how our Mystery Boxes work!"