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Airsoft GI: Is Airsoft Too Expensive?

In Airsoft GI's Airsoft Story Time Part 3, Cisco and Michael took about airsoft being an expensive hobby. Or is not? It depends on how you see and spend on airsoft things... "Airsoft is a hobby sport. You choose how much you want to spend on it. The quality of time and the memories made are priceless."

ASGI: Top 10 Gift Ideas For Airsofters

Time to start thinking of what to get for Christmas. Airsoft GI's Cisco has some suggestions to all airsofters out there... "If you're like us, you're barely through your Halloween candy stash when the Holidays creep up and the Christmas music begins assaulting your earholes - but have no fear! If you're shopping for that special BB Warrior on your Nice list, we've got a breakdown on this season's top airsoft gift ideas! Take it away, Cisco."

Airsoft GI Uncut: Gate Titan ETU

The future of airsoft? In this Airsoft GI Uncut video, they feature the Titan MOSFET from Gate Electronics... "The Gate TITAN MOSFET is a dream addition to any V2 AEG airsoft replica. The GATE Titan is more than just a standard MOSFET, it is a fully functional and programmable trigger unit as well.


Airsoft GI's Uncut episode shows a KWA AEG with recoil, the KWA SR10 RM4 ERG... "The new KWA AEG 3 RM4 SR10 is the third model in the new 3rd gen AEG family. This updated ERG model now shares the the newest features of the recently introduced AEG 2.5 system, PLUS simulated recoil with KWA's patented Kinetic Feedback System.

Airsoft GI Uncut: OP Devil Dog 2017

Airsoft GI Uncut features Team Disposable Heroes as they go into some MOUT action during Operation Devile Dog 2017. The event was organised by Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series which has been organising milsim ecents for years. This. took place at Range 131, Camp Pendelton from the the 8th to 10th of September 2017.

How To PROPERLY Load A Hi-Cap Mag

Have you been loading your high capacity magazine properly? If not sure, here is Airsoft GI showing you how do it the right way... "You'd be surprised by the amount of people who load a high capacity magazine incorrectly, and they're stuck on the field, constantly winding as they're shooting. GI Zach here shows you how to actually load it to get the most benefit from your magazines!"

ASGI: Top 5 Airsoft Guns Of 2017

Find out what the crew from Airsoft GI chose to be the top airsoft guns of 2017. Is your airsoft gun in their list or do you have your own list of the top 5 airsoft guns this year? Do you agree or not? Watch the video... "Michael and Cisco 'agreed' on a list of the top 5 airsoft guns released in 2017."

ASGI Uncut: Testing The KWA Ronin

Airsoft GI brings the new KWA Ronin AEGs to D14 to check it out its new features. One of this is the Variable Performance System (VPS) that allows you to adjust the FPS using the tool included. It also comes with a magazine cut-off when it empties and a switch life extender to maximise gearbox life.

ASGI TGH: 8MM CheyTac Intervention

An 8mm CheyTac M200 Intervention Airsoft Sniper Rifle gets featured in this Airsoft GI Tactical Gear Heads episode... "Mike from our CA Walk-In store shows off the unique and functional kit he's built for Team Therapists annual Christmas game, featuring a rare 8MM shell-ejecting Intervention sniper rifle and a Classic Army Nemesis as a backup!"

Airsoft GI Stores Ready For Black Friday

With the biggest sale event of the year happening on Friday, even airsoft retailers are readying themselves for this. All Airsoft GI stores are ready for the deluge of shoppers so if you are looking for a deal from Airsoft GI, then find the store nearest you. They have stores in Texas, East Coast, and of course their main in California.