ASG BT USW A1 6MM CO2 Blowback Overview


Blades and Triggers ASG BT USW A1 6MM CO2 Blowback Overview

Blades and Triggers in South Africa got the licensed ASG BT USW A1 in stock and they give an overview video for interested buyers... "The B&T USW A1 from ActionSportGames is an excellent 1:1 copy of the innovative new personal defense weapon created by Brugger and Thomet. This semi-automatic handgun is specifically designed to cater to the evolving needs of law enforcement and anti-terrorism operations, allowing it to be used with greater accuracy at longer ranges than standard sidearms. Its quick-release folding stock and non-reciprocating optics mount contribute to this capability.

This remarkable weapon's 6mm airsoft version is a faithful replica in every respect, boasting a metal slide and frame and a crisp semi-automatic gas blowback action."

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23 Sep 2023

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