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ASG Blaster Red Tracers At JD Airsoft

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Sat, 11/16/2019 - 08:12

Have fun firing red tracer BBs from ASG with .20 and .25g weights available at JD Airsoft. Please be warned of flashing lights in the video... "The BLASTER brand of BB’s from ActionSportGames represent the highest quality within Airsoft BB’s. BLASTER BB’s only vary between 5.96 mm and 5.98 mm in dimension, making them extremely consistent in size.

ASG-ICS Hera Arms CQR Gameplay & Review

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 06:37

Infamous Airsoft finally has a go with the ASG-ICS Hera Arms CQR AEG, taking it for a gameplay and review... "I finally havethe chance to be testing one of the most anticipated replicas of 2019, this is the ICS/ASG Hera Arms CQR. A licensed replica based on the ICS CXP line, this allows easy access to the gearbox and provides extraordinary performance. For this test I will have the chance to use it in the field and to maximize its capabilities, which, as usual, will end up in a couple of strange situations."

Airsoft Inc.: ASG Steyr Aug A3 AEG

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 06:28

Dutch airsoft retailer, Airsoft Inc., takes a further look at the ASG Steyr Aug A3 AEG which they have in stock... "Steyr Mannlicher was founded in 1864 by Josef Werndl under the name "Josef & Franz Werndl & Company, weapon factory and sawmill in Oberletten". In 1867 the first success came and the Werndl-Holub breech-loading rifle became the standard rifle of the Swiss army.

ASG CZ P-09 Vs Elite Force 1911 TAC

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 05:18

Two of the airsoft pistols that players want are again compared and this time by the the Salty Old Gamer... "Welcome to another VERSUS! where we're pitting to heavyweight giant airsoft pistols against one another. It this airsoft review, we're taking a close look at two premium gas blowback airsoft pistols, the ASG CZ P-09, and the Elite Force 1911 TAC. We're going to tell you everything you need to know if considering one versus the other. Check it out!"

Airsoft Station: ASG Storm 360 Grenade

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 06:25

Airsoft Station tests out the reusable Storm 360 Impact Grenade from ASG in this video... "Quickly clear out a room and wreak havoc on your enemies with the Storm Grenade 360 from ASG. This next-level grenade can carry 100 BBs which disperse in a full 360° spay up to 32.8 feet, once players pull the pin and the grenade makes impact on a hard surface. Simply fill with Green Gas or propane, pour in your BBs, pull the pin, and watch as you take out all that stand in your wake.

Airsoft Atlanta: ASG Storm 360 Demo

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 05:30

Watch the ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade in action in this demo video by Airsoft Atlanta which has them in stock... "ASG Storm 360 Grenade - Airsoft BBs - 480 Frame per second slow motion video explosion footage. This is a fully reusable easy to load and reset airsoft grenade. Holds up to 160 BBs fed into it with a standard airsoft speedloader. Uses green gas. No parts to reassmble or fix on the grenade! Just a simple release pin is all that's needed. No timer, sets off with a hard impact.

ASG Dan Wesson 715 Revolver Review

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 07:13

The fully licensed Dan Wesson 715 airsoft revolver from Dan Wesson has an adjustable hop-up system and it is a hefty piece at over 1.2kg. It's got the right markings and has a discreet safety switch. Powered by CO2 it has a double function and a fully adjustable rear sight. Max Cherepenin takes a closer look in this video review... "Had a chance to really play around with this revolver and its overall amazing! ASG did great here. Hope you enjoy the video!"

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Video Review

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Sat, 08/24/2019 - 06:33

Radio Silence Airsoft likes the handling of the new ASG CZ Shadow 2 airsoft pistol. Find out what he says about in this video review... "Looking for a new airsoft sidearm? Want to look cool af? Want a brick to smash over your opponent's head? Well look no further!

I'm very impressed with ASG's latest CZ licensed product, the attention to detail is fantastic and the accuracy and kick from it leaves me in awe at how well this pistol performs out of the box."

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