CZ Shadow 2 Real Steel & Airsoft Review


Abu Flores reviews two CZ Shadow 2 pistols the real deal one and the airsoft version made under licence by ASG. Are there differences in terms of shooting experience, details, and handling? That is an interesting to know as they are recommended for practical pistol shooting competition and action air respectively.

Geonox Airsoft: CZ P09 OR GBB Pistol


The ASG CZ P09 OR or Optic Ready Gas Blowback Pistol is available to order. Geonox Airsoft got one to check out... "In this video I show you the CZ P09 OR. The OR stands for Optics Ready. I've already shown you a P09 in the past. The difference is that the Optics Ready version in this video has a thread and an optics assembly for a red dot sight. The thread is important if you want to screw on a silencer or a tracer.

ASG Restock At Land Warrior Airsoft


Check the restock ASG products that just arrived at Land Warrior Airsoft and they got the player favourites... "As an ASG Premium Dealer, us at Land Warrior HQ love getting our hands on their shiny new products, knowing they won't disappoint!

ASG Scorpion EVO A3 Dual Sector Gear Build


This is an interesting watch as PackMule Airsoft shows an ASG Scorpion EVO A3 that is kitted with a Dual Sector Gear... "Here is how I made this DSG fast and reliable. DSGs are one of the most DIFFICULT builds for an airsoft tech. If you are a beginner tech I'd follow these steps as close as possible. Thanks for watching!"

ASG Steyr Arms Scout Airsoft Sniper Rifle


The latest licensed airsoft sniper rifle from ASG, the ASG Steyr Arms Scout that is VSR compatible... "The Steyr Scout marksman rifle is the perfect solution for those wanting pinpoint airsoft accuracy in a compact package. Our fully licensed replica is an exact 1:1 model of the famous precision rifle.

Sniper Airsoft Supply's ASG USW GBB Review


Sniper-AS got the latest from ASG in stock, the B&T USW A1 GBB, and here is their take... "The ASG USW A1 is really an extraordinary airsoft. As promised in our Top 10 December 2020, the long-awaited review of the Airsoft from B&T. Is that a Gas blowback (GBB) Airsoft that you absolutely need. I answer that in this video. Take a look and tell me if you like it. I am looking forward to reading something from you.

Have fun Gerd"

ASG CZ Shadow 2 CO2 Shooting Tests


A favourite amongs Action Air shooters is the ASG CZ Shadow 2 CO2 Blowback Pistol and L'antre Du Dingo does some shooting test to see how it fares for him... "My shooting tests are carried out on private land, away from public view and fitted out accordingly to be able to shoot in complete safety (ball trap, anti-rebound device and firing point)."

You can read his full review here:

Pew Pew Paladin's Take On The ASG Shadow 2


Pew Pew Paladin is impressed by the build quality and detail of the ASG Shadow 2 CO2 Blowback Pistol... "One the finest competition pistols made today is now one of the finest airsoft pistols available today. The ASG CZ Shadow 2 is a beautifully balanced and exquisitely manufactured Co2 powered airsoft pistol that many in the competition world consider a great training aid."

Geonox Airsoft: ASG STI Combat Master 2011


Geonox Airsoft does a review (in German) of the ASG STI Combat Master 2011 Blowback Pistol... "In this video I show you the STI Combat Master 2011 from ASG. At this point, many thanks to Sniper Airsoft Supply for providing me with the weapon. This weapon is John Wick's pistol from John Wick 3. If you haven't seen John Wick yet, then you still have 3 very cool films with a lot of action, cool fight scenes, beautiful weapons and Keanu Reeves in the lead role.

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