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Burntwolf Airsoft: ASG Dan Wesson Revolver

Burntwolf Airsoft goes pistol-packing, reviewing the Dan Wesson airsoft revolver from Action Sport Games (ASG)... "Right then you Orrible lot this week on Burntwolf Airsoft,im going to be reviewing the Dan Wesson revolver made by ASG.

ASG-ICS Airsoft Hera Arms AEG Update

If your are wondering on the progress of the fully licensed Hera Arms AEG from ASG and ICS, rest assured that it is continuing. Here is ASG giving a status update on the product... "ASG is working around the clock to getting these two beauties released. We getting closer to an actual release date, but unfortunately we can't give it to you just yet.

But help us out, which color scheme would you go for?"

How ASG STORM360 Grenades Are Made

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez gets to visit the place where the ASG Storm360 Airsoft Grenades are made in France... "I was lucky enough to visit Storm Airsoft workshop and see the whole building process. Come with me and discover this 100% French-made product! Sorry for my English, especially my pronunciation of 'percent'."

Kronos Airsoft: JD Airsoft Interview

Next up for Kronos Airsoft to interview at the ASG Scorpion Evo Owners Club event is JD Airsoft. This event took place at RIFT Airsoft Com 3 Site last 30 September 2018. Other companies present were Enola Gaye. HB Industries, Yeti Works, Scorpion Skinz, and Viper Tactical.

Kronos Airsoft: ASG "Tech Stand" Interview

Kronos Airsoft attendend the ASG EVO Owners Club that took place at RIFT Airsoft and does some interviewing, startoing with Jeppe of ASG... "During the Evo Event we stopped off at the "tech stand" to see Jeppe from ASG in Denmark. He talked us through some of the more technical aspects of the Scorpion evo."

ASG Strike Systems MXR 18 Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez goes over the affordable Strike Systems MXR18 from Action Sports Game (ASG)... "Let's have a look at the new Strike Systems BB guns by ASG. Those are cheap guns for beginners or people who don't want to spend all their money into an airsoft replica. Thanks a lot to ASG and Destockage games for the gun."

SAT Custom ASG CZ SP01 Shadow

Bang Bang Big Boys Store posted photos of the SAT Custom ASG CZ SP01 Shadow that is available at their store. Fully licensed, this has an ergonomic rubber grup, red fibre optic front sight, ambidextrous safety, and oversized slide release. It also has a 20mm accessory. The colour scheme in this custom work makes it dope... "Super good. All Metal, first class, smooth and smooth. Do sidearm or hit cqb all first class."

Taajuus Airsoft: BB Grenades Test

Taajuus Airsoft tests three grenades that can be used for airsoft such as the the ASG Storm 360, Airsoft Innovations Cyclone, and the Nerf Nade... "Sorry about sound quality, next time with external voice recorder! Checking out your options for spraying BBs by nade!

Bang Bang: ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1

The Action Sports Game (ASG) fully licensed CZ Scorpion Evo 3A1 AEG is available at the Bang Bang Big Boys Store in Hong Kong. An AEG that is fully built by ASG, it is popular amongst airsoft players in Europe. Ines presents this AEG in this video from Bang Bang for the Cantonese airsoft audience.

Salty Old Gamer: ASG M40A3 Sportline

In part 2 of his review of the ASG McMillan M40A3 Sportline Sniper Rifle, the Salty Old Gamer shows you he does a full upgrade... "M40A3 Sportline full upgrade How To! This is our ASG McMillan M40A3 Sportline Review Part 2, after a FULL UPGRADE. Our initial experience with this budget airsoft sniper rifle was pretty awful. Watch our first M40A3 Sportline review below to see why. Now, we've put in a major barrel upgrade, autobot bucking upgrade, and power upgrade.