Karl Brugger’s Top 5 Guns


The Firearm Blog gets to visit Brugger & Thomet (B&T) and got Karl Brugger to talk about his top 5 guns... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at B&T (Brugger & Thomet) with Karl Brugger himself to talk to Karl about his top five favorite guns of all time.

ASG B&T USW-A1 Gas Blowback Gameplay


Pinker got the licensed ASG B&T USW-A1 Gas Blowback to try and give his impressions in this video... "Today Jordan presented me with the USW-A1 from ASG to try out. He very kindly wanted me to give it a try so here's the content using that weapon and a little bit of a review.

I do highly rate this product and might get one in my arsenal in the future!"

The Firearm Blog: The B&T BWC Folding Gun


Whilst Magpul came out with the first prototype of a folding gun and developing it with Zev Technologies, B&T are the first to commercialise one in the real steel market with the B&T BWC. The Firearm Blog get to try out a unit and here is their take... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves visits B&T in Switzerland to see their take on the folding carbine, the B&T BWC (“Because We Can”).

Archwick B&T USW-G Kit Polymer Version Quick Preview


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu gives us a sneak peek of the polymer version of the Archwick B&T USW-G Kt. Fully licensed, this can be fitted on the G17 or G35 gas blowback pistol. He says its an easy to install PDW kit with folding stock. You can Can mount Aimpoint ACRO optical sight directly with picatinny accessory rails on rear top for optical sight and a picatinny accessory rails a the front weapons accessories. This includes a steel rear sight and cocking handle.

Airsoftology: Archwick Airsoft's B&T USW Kit


Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology is back with a review of one the releases for 2021 by Archwick, a licensed B&T USW conversion kit for Glock pistols. This is compatible with the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 18C Gas Blowback Pistols, and if we're not mistaken, with the Glock 18C AEP as well. Other airsoft G17 Gen 4 and G18C pistols can fit if they are Marui compatible.

Double Eagle B&T APC556 AEG Test


Double Eagle got their own channel on YouTube and in this video, they test the fully licensed B&T APC556 AEG. Mainly made of polymer and alloy, this AEG has an alloy receiver with 20mm rail. It comes with a plastic grip, 180-BB round magazine and a rifle case.

Double Eagle B&T APC556 AEG Shooting Review


The Double Eagle B&T APC556 AEG is mainly available in Japan and PPC Airsoft got a unit to check how it performs and its compatibility with other magazines. It uses a ver. 2 type gearbox, and is equipped with the latest Double Eagle FCU and Falcon DFCS 2.0 (Digital Firing Control System). Falcon features allow you to set 1-5 point burst, trigger response (3 stages) and double shots (one shot at trigger pull/release) by the trigger control.

Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion


Aaron Airsoft shows Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion that is available at CTM Airsoft... "Hello Everyone. I’m glad to share this good news with you guys. About ARCHWICK's new product B&T USW-G17/G18 has been published on the CTM official website, interested friends can visit the CTM website to learn more detailed product information, you can also place an order now, the quantity is limited."

Mike Panone On The Real World APC9


Learn how an APC9 is a handy weapon in this video from B&T USA featuring Mike Panone... "Mike Pannone talks about and demonstrates the real world advantages of a pistol caliber short rifle. The B&T USA APC9 is a compact, pistol caliber platform that can tackle the challenges of diverse scenarios."

0'20 Magazine's ASG B&T USWA1 GBB Review


A review by 0'20 Magazine that was posted in February covers the ASG B&T USWA1 Gas Blowback Pistol. OEM by KJ Works, this is a fully licensed gas blowback pistol that comes with an integrated folding stock. This was designed for use for counterterrorist units who can have a stable shooting platform when there is no SMG or compact rifle available on the scene.

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