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Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol

Ascend, for those familiar with the Taiwan-based brand, is known for the DP-17 GBB pistol series that sport the Deadpool look. The brand, via Jia Dyi, has issued a statement regarding copies of its DP-17 design coming out of China and customers might want to know what Ascend has to say about this in the statement below:

The Ascend Difference:A Statement from Taiwan Manufacturer

Dear Valued Customers,

As a pioneer in the Airsoft industry, we take pride in our commitment to innovation, quality and authenticity.

We have recently become aware of China-made similar model. We want to take this opportunity to remind our customers of the significant differences between our authentic products and these “me-too”.

1. Newer Models

Ours products, including the Gen.2 and Gen.3 series, represent the latest advancements in design and technology, offering superior performance and reliability compared to the outdated Gen.1 of the similar model.

Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol 02

*Ascend provides two latest models, Gen.2 (left with traditional sight) and Gen. 3 (Right with Fiber Optic sight). 100% M.I.T, a pride O.E.M of WE G17 variant.

2. Metal FORCE trigger:

Our products feature a premium metal FORCE trigger with intricate engraving, providing a tactile and durable experience that is unmatched by the plastic trigger found in competitive products. Besides, the trigger guard is also different.

Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol 03


*The top one is a “me-too” of Ascend’s DP17, its plastic trigger is inferior to metal FORCE trigger in our Gen.2 (the second one) and Gen.3 (the third).

**While the color and type of trigger guards are better in terms of visual effect in Ascend.

3. Standalone Serial Numbers and more details:

Each of our products is uniquely identified by a standalone serial number, ensuring authenticity and allowing for traceability, unlike the generic and untraceable competitive brand.

Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol 04

*Standalone serial number for better traceability in all Ascend DP17, a property of good collectibles.

**Similar model of Ascend’s DP17 (right) has a different mark at the right side of grip, the printing “PEW” appears to be rough. 

4. Extended Magazine Butt:

Our extended magazine butt is a testament to our attention to detail, mimicking the functionality and feel of real firearms, a level of authenticity that is absent in competitive products.

Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol 05

*There’s a hole in the other brand (left)similar to Ascend’s DP17, while ours(right) pay homage to the real firearm accessory.

5. Vibrant Color Finishing:

Our products are finished with vibrant and saturated red colors, achieving a level of realism and aesthetics that sets them apart from the dull and inferior orange finishing of competitive products, according to Japanese consumers in

Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol 07

The first one is a “me-too” of Ascend DP17, “Looks like a toy,...ORANGE...” According to the feedback from The second and the third obviously own a better finishing with vibrant red.

Ascend DP-17 GBB Pistol 08

6. Reinforced Internal Parts:

We use reinforced internal parts in our products, ensuring they can handle up to 1 joule with superior reliability and longevity, a level of quality that is simply not found in competitors.

7. Prompt aftermarket Service:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of purchase, with a well-organized aftermarket service to support our customers and ensure they continue to enjoy for years to come, a level of support that is not available for other competitors.

We want to assure our customers that when they choose our products, they not only choose superior quality and performance but also supporting creativity and innovation in the airsoft industry. Thank you for your continued support.



Ascend Airsoft  


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