AOD: AI Tornado Grenade Zombie Green


The AI Tornado Airsoft Impact Grenade Zombie Green is back again at This should be good for those zombie-themed airsoft events... "Add the Tornado Impact to your arsenal of Tornado Grenades. The Impact grenade explodes on impact, compared to the Timer grenade that offers set back times of 1.5 or 3 seconds. The Impact Tornado explodes immediately once it hits a hard surface - from as little as one inch away on concrete, but will hold - even with the pin pulled - when you shake it aggressively in your hand!

Incredible blast radius and coverage for full strikes in a room. Invented, tried, and tested by airsoft players. Virtually indestructible, one-piece design.


  • All New Easy to Recover Zombie Green!
  • Discharge Velocity: Between 65fps-140fps (first to last shot)
  • Loaded Weight: 260g
  • Width: 2.125 inches
  • Triggers at one inch drop to floor!
  • Propane powered! Can be configured for HFC134a too
  • Completely re-useable. Just reload bbs and gas!
  • Blast 200 BBs 360 degrees!
  • ONE YEAR Manufacturer Warranty."

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