What The FLAK Happened To Airsoft Innovations?


Jet DesertFox posted this video last month giving his take on what FLAK 10/5 debacle of Airsoft Innovations... "Everything you need, want and didn't know you wanted to know about the FLAK10 airsoft super shotgun and what's going on with Airsoft Innovations."

Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike & Master Mike 40mm Shells


Mokei Paddock goes over two of the more recent offerings from Airsoft Innovations, the 40 Mike and the Master Mike 40mm shells. These have the Quantum Drive Technology but what are the differences? Watch the video to find out and determine which one meets your needs.

CNC Machining the AI FLAK Trigger


Whilst we wait for the release of the Airsoft Innovations FLAK airsoft shotguns, they released a video showing how a FLAK trigger is machine. Due to be released but there seems to be some delays, the FLAK series is available in two variants: FLAK10 and FLAK5.

Airsoft Innovations Restock At Airsoft Atlanta


Airsoft Atlanta got in stock the reusable airsoft impact, burst and sound grenades from Airsoft Innovations that are popular amongst airsoft players especially for those who use these reusable grenades in CQB games... "Grenades back in stock from airsoftinnovations including the BANG 22 XTREME."

Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade


A quick look at the new Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade... "Airsoft Innovations is proud to launch the Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade. This Xtreme device uses super common powder nail driving cartridges (NOT BLANKS) to give some of the LOUDEST bangs in airsoft! It uses our simple and reliable 3-position selectable timer, full metal construction, it's super easy to use, and doesn't require any maintenance!

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