AMNB Review: UF PRO Windstopper Liner


AMNB Review: UF PRO Windstopper Liner

A good review of the UF PRO Windstopper Liner designed to work with UF PRO trousers, done by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "Over the past years I often thought about buying the Windstopper Liner but I always came to the point saying; no, I’m fine. There’s no need for it. I have long johns they do the job if needed. After this product test, the Windstopper Liner proved me that I was wrong! The combined feature of wind and thermal insulation in a small-lightweight package, including the permanently anti-static membrane offers a great overall performance I won’t miss anymore in any of my UF PRO pants. It really works and does its job very well!

This product is a must have add-on for the colder-winter season or any activity that takes you into the mountains where the weather sometimes changes from clear sky to nasty and the temperature sometimes drops about 15°C in a couple of hours. Just zip it in and you’re prepared to stay focused on the mission!"

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28 Feb 2021

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