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UF Pro: Solo CQB & Corner Fed Rooms

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 06:15

Next up for the UF Pro's Guide to CQB is Solo CQB. For lone wolves, this is something to learn... "Previously in the Pro's guide to CQB we have discussed angles of entry and tactics you can use with a wingman when entering a room. In this part Eli familiarizes you with the different types of rooms you can encounter and dives into the tactics of CQB when you are operating alone."

One Man Room Clearing Guide

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Thu, 07/11/2019 - 06:32

UF PRO's Guide To CQB shows how one can clear a room without any backup... "Immediate Threat CQB - ITCQB is a hybrid system, developed through time by Eli Feildboy, the founder of Project Gecko. Before we start with team tactics we are going to present one-man room clearing tactics, which fit the concept of team tactics in the ITCQB system. In this video we focus on geometry when entering a room and break down the angles into 5 key sections - narrow, 45, 90,150 and 180 degrees.

UF Pro Combat Medic Essentials Part 1

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 09:41

Something for airsofters and even milsimers to think about when a medic in real life goes into action. UF Pro got a series called Combat Medic Essentials and they even have a quiz for you to try and win a patch... "TCCC lets field medics like you quickly assess injuries and wounds, then choose the best way under the circumstances to treat them. This video familiarizes you with the Care Under Fire (CUF) phase."

2018 Highlights Video From UF PRO

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Sat, 01/05/2019 - 13:30

UF Pro present their 2018 highlights. It was a good year for them... "These are our 2018 highlights ????It has been an amazing year and we would like to thank everyone for rocking our gear and following us here on YouTube. In 2019 we'll introduce some exciting new gear so make sure to stay tuned - it will be worth it. Have a happy New Year and a great start into 2019."

UF PRO: Warrior Challenge 2018

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Sun, 12/02/2018 - 02:58

Learn more about the Warrior Challenge hosted by the SIGMA Unit of Latvia in this video from Slovenian gear company UF PRO... "The Warrior Challenge is an annual event held by the Latvian SF unit SIGMA. Watch what the SIGMA commander and the assistant judge had to say what the event is all about."

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