Airsoft Skin Zone On The Silverback TAC41A


L'Antre Du Dingo Airsoft Skin Zone On The Silverback TAC41A

L'antre Du Dingo applies the Airsoft Skin Zone on the Silverback Airsoft TAC41A airsoft sniper rifle. Airsoft Skin is a durable and weather-resistant adhesive that has a cast polymer base and a protective lamination layer. It can resist UV rays and scratches. It was first designed for branding vehicles, but now you can use it to customize your replica with Airsoft Skin Zone adhesives. To ensure a smooth installation, you need to clean your replica with alcohol before applying the Skin. You also need a heat source, such as a heat gun or a hair dryer, to shape the Skin around your replica. It is availalbe in different patterns and colour schemes.

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