REAPERs Airsoft: Silverback DesertTech MDR-X S-AEG


It's time to watch the most comprehensive review of the DesertTech MDR-X S-AEG from Silverback Airsoft as done by REAPERs Airsoft. The Silverback MDR-X is an airsoft gun that is licensed by Desert Tech LLC. It is a highly realistic replica of the real steel MDR rifle, and features a number of high-quality components that its maker say make it capable of delivering high performance in a variety of applications, from DMR to CQB. S-AEG is a German-spec version of the AEG.

Silverback Airsoft HTI At Bohemia Airsoft


Bohemia Airsoft does a review of the hefty Silverback Airsoft HTI that they have availablle in black and FDE colours... "Beautiful licensed replica Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction .50 BMG bullpup sniper rifle. HTI is made of the highest quality materials, so you won't find any zinc alloy anywhere, and all screws are made of high quality steel.

BB2K Airsoft: Silverback TAC 41A Sniper Rifle Review


The aluminium version of the Silverback Airsoft TAC41, the TAC41A gets to be reviewed by BB2K Airsoft... "Just a year after Silverback stormed the airsoft world with the release of the Spring Sniper TAC 41P, they are back with the TAC 41A. "A" here stands for a solid CNC aluminum body and a fully adjustable, folding aluminum buttstock."

Fixing The Silverback Airsoft MDR-X AEG


Airsoft reviewers are finding issues on the recently released Silverback Airsoft MDR-X Bullpup AEG and Negative Airsoft has a proposed fix that owners may want to take a look at... "I took a different approach to others, not because they were wrong but because I found an easier way to achieve some of the same results."

Silverback TAC-41A Unboxing By Airsoft Armoury


Danish airsoft shop Airsoft Armoury got a delivery of the Silverback Airsoft TAC-41A and unboxes one to show us what's inside... "The new Tacti-cool version of Silverback's TAC41, is called something as cool as "A"... Well, fortunately, it is not the name that determines the quality.

As with all other Silverbacks, this model is simply top of the line."

Is The Silverback MDR-X Worth It?


That is what Negative Airsoft will try to find out in this video review. Will he find some stuff to criticize about the latest offering and first AEG from Silverback Airsoft, the bullpup MDR-X AEG that is fully licensed from DesertTech or will he sing praises to it? Watch the video.

Silverback Airsoft MDR-X Honest Review


In this episode of "Bringing It Home", Jaeger Precision does an honest review of the recently released Silverback Airsoft MDR-X AEG. The first AEG made by Silverback Airsoft and licensed from DesertTech, it is a bullpup rifle with PA6 Nylon, fiberglass reinforced stock, grip and handguard, synthetic rubber buttpad.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Silverback Desert Tech MDR-X .308 AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft gets his chance to give his take on the Silverback Airsof Desert Tech MDR-X .308 AEG in this video review... "Finally! Here it is finally! The long-awaited Desert Tech MDR-X from SilverbackAirsoft! A response that we have been waiting for for years. In this video I invite you to discover what this replica is finally worth. It's new for 2023 and I think you'll be delighted to see what it has in store. In short, I wish you all a good video!

Silverback Airsoft TAC41 Out Of The Box Performance


The French Airsoft Dude, Khan Seb, tests the performance of the Silverback Airsoft TAC41 if it does well out of the box... "The replica shown in this video was sent to me free of charge by Silverback. To be exact, Silverback sent me a TAC41 P. I bought all the other parts (aluminum chassis, long magazine, handguard, scope, etc). Except for the lamp, which was originally sent to me by Olight."

RWTV: Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech MDR-X Review


RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) give their take on the first bullpup AEG from Silverback Airsoft, the Desert Tech MDR-X AEG... "The Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle, or MDR is a family of bullpup rifles first introduced in 2014 with one of its most unique aspects being fully ambidextrous and multi-caliber capable, something not often seen with bullpups.

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