Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech MDR-X At Evike Europe


Presentation of the Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech MDR-X AEG by Evike Europe which they now carry at their store. The Silverback MDR-X V2 is an airsoft licensed version of the real steel counterpart manufactured by Desert Tech LLC. It is designed to mimic the original build and features as much as possible while integrating a high-quality gearbox, able to deliver high performance from DMR to CQB applications. The construction and assembly are realistic, with fully engraved markings and a unique serial number.

Game Changing Upgrades To The Silverback SRS


Mr. Airsoft features parts from Rapax, Stalker, and Silverback Airsoft that can be used to upgrade the Silverback SRS Airsoft Sniper Rifle... "These SRS Upgrades Are Game Changing (Airsoft Sniper Build). In todays video I am explaining my SRS Airsoft Sniper build. This applies to all SRS models including the A1 models.

(This Build Is For 0.48g BBs) Using other weight BBs will require a different piston weight/airbreak set up for optimal joules and consistency."

Sniper-AS Reviews The Silverback Airsoft TAC-41P


Sniper-AS finds the Silverback Airsoft TAC-41P to be so good as explained in the video... "The new Silverback Tac 41 P is SO GOOD! In this review we introduce you to the new powerful Airsoft Sniper from Silberback. With a proud ~3 joules, this Airsoft Sniper Rifle really packs a punch! We really had a lot of fun with the new Silverback Tac 41 P."

Is The Silverback MDR-X Worth The Money?


Bad Influence Airsoft GR does an honest review of the licensed MDR-X AEG produced by Silverback Airsoft. This is made of high-quality polymer and aluminum, weighing only 2.7 KGs unloaded. It features ambidextrous controls, a top Picatinny rail, an M-Lok handguard, and a 14mm threaded outer barrel. Internally, it has a quick-change spring system, an adjustable hop-up with 32 positions, an 18:1 gear set, and a high torque short-axis motor. It is also 11.1v battery ready.

Mecânica 6mm On The Silverback Airsoft MDR-X


Mecânica 6mm takes a good look at the Silverback Airsoft MDR-X AEG, including the internals. This product is made under an exclusive license from Desert Tech LLC and features fully engraved markings with a unique serial number. The receiver, outer barrel, and muzzle brake are made of 6000 series aluminum, while the stock, grip, and handguard are constructed of PA6 Nylon reinforced with fiberglass and a synthetic rubber buttpad.

Airsoft Skin Zone On The Silverback TAC41A


L'antre Du Dingo applies the Airsoft Skin Zone on the Silverback Airsoft TAC41A airsoft sniper rifle. Airsoft Skin is a durable and weather-resistant adhesive that has a cast polymer base and a protective lamination layer. It can resist UV rays and scratches. It was first designed for branding vehicles, but now you can use it to customize your replica with Airsoft Skin Zone adhesives. To ensure a smooth installation, you need to clean your replica with alcohol before applying the Skin.

Taking A Sniper Rifle To A CQB Game


Is it really a good idea? Watch Jdrek as he takes the Silverback Airsoft TAC-41A to airsoft game with close quarters areas... "Today you join me with the ultimate challenge for all you airsoft snipers out there! We're taking on CQB at abandoned Krzywa Air Base with nothing but brand new TAC41A bolt action sniper rifle.

REAPERs Airsoft: Silverback DesertTech MDR-X S-AEG


It's time to watch the most comprehensive review of the DesertTech MDR-X S-AEG from Silverback Airsoft as done by REAPERs Airsoft. The Silverback MDR-X is an airsoft gun that is licensed by Desert Tech LLC. It is a highly realistic replica of the real steel MDR rifle, and features a number of high-quality components that its maker say make it capable of delivering high performance in a variety of applications, from DMR to CQB. S-AEG is a German-spec version of the AEG.

Silverback Airsoft HTI At Bohemia Airsoft


Bohemia Airsoft does a review of the hefty Silverback Airsoft HTI that they have availablle in black and FDE colours... "Beautiful licensed replica Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction .50 BMG bullpup sniper rifle. HTI is made of the highest quality materials, so you won't find any zinc alloy anywhere, and all screws are made of high quality steel.

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