Airsoft Nation: Magic Of Tokyo Marui


Airsoft Nation: Magic Of Tokyo Marui

Airsoft Nation has as special guest Richard of Eagle6 Airsoft who is perhaps the best guy to talk about Tokyo Marui tech in the UK. They talk about the magic of Tokyo Marui or what others call the "Fairy Dust" in this live cast episode of Airsoft Nation Radio... "We’ve given Tokyo Marui a lot of stick over the shows but today we’re asking - do they live up to the hype the Fanboys shout about…?

Well today on the show we’re uncovering the magic of the Tokyo Marui Fairy Dust with one of the most knowledgeable stores and techs in the UK, Eagle 6 Airsoft.

Plus, we talk about the G&G World Cup and their $20,000 cash prize!

If you're new to Airsoft Radio, it's a weekly collaboration show where we talk about all things airsoft.

Each week there will be a clash of topics, opinions and definitely personalities - but that’s the fun of 4 Airsofters on a talk show."

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