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The MOSFET Show by Extreme-Fire

MOSFET or the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor is fast getting to be a favourite ­add-on for serious airsoft players. Extreme-Fire is leading the revolution in MOSFET technology, and opening up its source to make it an open source project, which for those who are not into Informa­tion Technology, is a collaboration of individuals who can put modifications into the source code into the project and ability to use modifications without any copyright violation.

CODE NAME: Thunderstrike 08.11.2008 UK Tournament

We're finally announcing the first Popular Airsoft event in the UK, called Code Name: Thunderstrike which will be held on the 8th of November 2008 at XSite Airsoft in Buckinghamshire. We're inviting interested airsoft teams to participate in this event. This will be a combination of team trials and team on team combat scenarios, with individual side-events such as pistol and rifle events.


Who Needs Gas? A Closer Look at CM.030 and DE M81 Ver. 2 AEPs

An automatic electric pistol (AEP) is a smaller-frame AEG that runs on a 7.2V battery. Its internals are shrunk down in order to fit in a smaller frame—such as a pistol or small machine pistol—giving a lower muzzle velocity than a stock AEG. Arguably, they are more reliable than pistols that run on gas, especially in cold weather. Since the internals take up a lot of the space inside the frame of the gun, the pistols have a fixed slide and cannot be pulled back (blow back).

MP7 FACEOFF: Galaxy G-7 vs Well R-4

The MP7 is a personal defense weapon (PDW) manufactured by Heckler & Koch (H&K) and chambered for the 4.6x30mm cartridge. It was designed in conjunction with the new cartridge to meet NATO requirements published in 1989 calling for a machine pistol or submachine gun with greater effect against body armor than current models which are limited due to use of standard handgun cartridges.

Bioval's Statement on the Bioval BBBMAX 0.27 BBs Warning

We were emailed over the weekend regarding a posting stating that the Bioval BBMax 0.27 BBs has its dangers at Arnies Airsoft. Bioval Technologies Switzerland states that there should be proper care in the handling and shooting of these types of BBs, which to state that the warning on the Bioval BBMax 0.27 BBs didn't actually follow the instructions/manual as sent out by Bioval Technologies. We are posting here the full statement so all will be notified:

GASP! Please Take This Survey!

It's the start of the Survey season for us. And Dom and I discussed about knowing some tidbits on the preferences and overall profiles of airsoft players around the world. So here it is, an informal survey Dom whipped up and we ­decided to call it the Global Airsoft Survey Project (GASP). Nothing really fancy, but will surely give an insight on airsoft players.

RedWolf Airsoft: Pimp My Type 97B!

Latest story from RedWolf Airsoft. The little brother of the Type 97, the Type 97B is gaining popularity, and we can't say it's a big surprise. Who wouldn't like a weapon that has reliable and durable internals out of the box, compact size, excellent accuracy and is built with a forged, CNC-machined and hard-anodized receiver as standard?

King Arms Galil SAR Sneak Preview


­­Optimus Prime confirmed that he has received one of the first samples of the King Arms Galil SAR with an improved blowback system. While he's busy writing the full takedown and review for the magazine, he asked me to provide a snea­k preview of the AEG. ­So here I am. will try to pull some ­bits and pieces of this latest AEG coming from King Arms that is also a favourite must-have among airsoft players.

To Know is to Dominate

Close Quarters Combat drills always cover several areas: detailed planning, surprise, appropriate methods of entry, speed, and violence of action.  In Milsim airsoft games, these are all considered. In non-milsim airsoft games, surprise, methods of entry, and violence of action all matter. Movement and methods are described and illustrated below. It is still best to work as a team rather than as a lonewolf in CQC --- a CQC melee is a situation that you don't want to be stuck in if you're not prepared, physically and mentally.

RedWolf Airsoft "Who Dares Wins" Video Competition Winners

After weeks of voting for your favourite video of the RedWolf Airsoft "Who Dares Wins" Video Competition, the winners are out, and the list that the viewers have chosen surely standout and we can say that they're very well thought-out and well-made. Most of the videos are hilarious and some are just amazing with great effects that you would think can only be made by Hollywood studios. Thank god for technology, at least anyone nowadays can be a great film maker someday.