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The Picturesque and the “Kodak moments”

"The imagination becomes a camera obscura, only with this difference, that the camera represents objects as they really are; while the imagination, impressed with the most beautiful scenes, and chastened by rules of art, forms its pictures, not from the most admirable parts of nature; but in the best taste.” – William Gilpin in Three Essays on Picturesque Beauty

Taking Photos in Skirmishes

So you want to take photos of airsoft skirmishes?  Me too. In fact, I enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy playing.  Just about every team these days would have at least one photographer, and now that digital cameras are so affordable these days, it makes it even easier.  It’s only a matter of developing an eye to get the best shots possible. I started out with airsoft by photographing games believe it or not. 

A Guide to Building Your Own SIG-556 AEG

My need for a SIG-556 AEG started at the moment I first laid my eyes on those amazing pictures taken at this year's Las Vegas Shot Show. I always found the SIG line-up pretty interesting, but the airsoft versions were not convincing enough for me, until one day I saw a post on one of the airsoft news sites. My wait for a Magpul Masada was finally over when Guns Workshop (GWS) came out with a SIG-556 conversion kit.

The Airsoft Mask Face-Off: Sykes vs. HFC22

You’ve seen the Sykes mask in our previous magazine issue, here’s a meaner and tougher test. I pretty much put it through the wringer, at least from this corner of the globe. And I compared it to another competitor, the HFC22 mask (inspired from EA Games’ Army of Two), also made in the Philippines. Both masks' manufacturing process aren’t exactly “unique”, the idea behind it has been around long enough, hockey masks are for example.­ Both ar­e made from fibreglass; the only difference is how well they’re made.

Heart Transplant / Installing a High Torque Gearbox

Disclaimer: This is not recommended for players in countries that have lower legal fps limits. You may have to downgrade the spring in doing this DIY. Do this at your own risk. Did you ever wanted a sniper-like weapon without buying a gas or spring rifle you don’t know anything about? This is exactly how I felt when I decided to upgrade my M15 SPR with a high torque gearbox. My CA SPR is a great AEG but its power after upgrades (400fps after installing a 120 spring and new piston) is too much for CQC but not enough for sniping.

Photos for Airsoft Reviews? Here's how...

Taking photos for a review isn’t so difficult. I find it not so different from product photography, in a sense, and you are after all trying to sell an idea.  Let’s see if we can help you improve on how you take photos if you intend to submit a review to any airsoft forum or publication (like Popular Airsoft). First and foremost, have a concept or idea in mind, like the the first photo in this article for example. The inspiration is pretty much based on posters we’ve seen on the net --- you can use anything as long as it supports your concept.

RedWolf Airsoft Review: ECHO1 M134 Minigun by CAW

When looking at the modern externally powered Gatling guns with a blistering rate of fire of thousands of rounds per minute, it is easy to forget that in fact the very first machine guns used a similar feeding mechanism and a set of rotating barrels - only they were first cranked by hand instead of an electric or pneumatic motor. In the 1860's there were no self-loading machine guns, so the Gatling gun represented the highest amount of firepower in the field.

W.A.R. Submissions Extended

Those who have emailed me asking for an extension of the W.A.R. Project may now have a good reason to rejoice. I have asked OptimusPrime to approve an extension as we have not yet reached the threshold we are asking and there are teams that are asking for some consideration to as they have not yet put together their team profiles for submission. We are still halfway through our project so we might as well extend it.

Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 8 Released (Finally!)

Red October as a our cover story looks into the recent past (post World War II) history and present situations of these states. It cannot be denied that although at odds with each other's ideals, both the communists and capitalists can agree on one thing—the preservation of individual freedom, as evidenced by the two ideologies setting aside their differences to take a common cause against fascism in World War II.

System Maintenance Advisory (Updated)

Our hosting provider will be performing priority maintenance to our hosting such as database and storage units this Wednesday evening.  The maintenance window has been scheduled from 11:00pm CST on Wednesday, November 12, to 3:00am CST on Thursday, November 13. Please expect downtime as machines will be rebooted which we hope will have minimum impact on your browsing experience. They have actually moved our site to an upgraded facility to properly handle increasing traffic.