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Ukraine Starts Testing The AR-Style WAC-47 Assault Rifle

Ukrainian WAC-47 Assault Rifle

Last October 5, 2017, the Ukroboronprom, the Ukranian state-owned defense company posted videos and photos of the WAC-47 assault rifle. While at first glance you will think of it as another AR assault rifle, it is a unique rifle design if you factor in that it can be made to fire either the 7.62x39mm  and  5.56×45 NATO ammo by changing the upper receiver assemblies.  It is like the Ukrainians would like to use the best of both worlds, using the standard AK-47 round used by Russia and her allies as well as the standard NATO round.

Sounds like the SR-47 rifle? In a way yes, as the SR-47 was designed to allow U.S. operators to use AK-47 rounds in theatres of operations where the enemy use the AK-47 and its variants while enjoying the ergonomics and modularity of the AR. However, the SR-47 is not interchangeable to use the 5.56x45 NATO like the WAC-47.

If you have been following geopolitics and the recent developments in Ukraine, you will understand why Ukraine would want a rifle like the WAC-47. This will allow Ukraine to use either round mentioned since Ukranian soldiers will encounter both rounds in the field as it gets support from the West and use AK-47 rounds it still has or has captured in the field from the Russian-supported rebels as well as Russian regular troops (which of course Russia denies).

As Ukrainian is getting support from NATO-member countries, the AR-style of the WAC-47 allows it be able to use accessories made for the AR-style weapons and 5.56 NATO rifles.

The WAC-47 is being developed by Ukroboronprom in cooperation with the U.S. company, Aeroscraft and the subsidiary of Ukroboronprom, the Ukroboronservice will be manufacturing the rifle. The need for interoperability, especially in joint exercises with NATO troops, made it more compelling for the Ukrainians to build the WAC-47.

"This project will enable transition of the Ukrainian Army and industry to NATO standards. Our soldiers will be armed with Ukrainian weapons – this will boost the country’s economy. This means workload for our enterprises, new jobs, tax increase, and technological production increase. In addition, this will be another step in the development of relations with Euro-Atlantic partners, and integrating Ukraine into the global world markets ",   said UOP Deputy Director General for Aircraft Industry and Operations Volodymyr Korobov in a news release by Ukroboronprom in January 2017.

As the WAC-47 is designed to be modular, it is designed to user other calibers as well such as the 5.45x79, 458 SOCOM, or the  6.8 SPC II with high kinetic energy and stopping properties. It will also allow it to mount barrels of different length, depending on requirements: 10.5 ", 11.5", 14.5 ", 18" or 24".

While the rifle is being tested by the Ukrainians, there is no mention when the acceptance will be made and which units are to first receive it. According to The Firearm Blog the first units will be the Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade and Ukrainian peacekeeping forces.


Photo Source: Ukroboronprom