Upgraded WE Airsoft Glock 18C GBB Pistol


This full WE Airsoft Glock 18C GBB pistol, which can also shoot in full auto, got some upgrades before Airsoft Mike did a review. The upgrades included are a RA Steel CNC outerbarrel, Maple Leaf hop-up chamber, Maple Leaf hop up adjusment wheel, T-N.T. S+ Barrel, and the T-N.T. T hop-up bucking... "Today I finally get around to unboxing and taking a look at the very familiar We-Tech G18c, HOWEVER, this one has some serious internal upgrades!

Airsoft Mike: JG MAC-10 Electric Machine Pistol


We get another look at the MAC-10 AEG from Jing Gong by Airsoft Mike. We are not sure if this is an updated version of the MAC-10 AEP that was released years back and it was based on the Tokyo Marui MAC-10 released 13 years ago... "It's the return of the Mac on the Airsoft Mike YouTube channel! But this time the MAC-10!

Join me as I unbox and test this product, with mixed feelings! A quick search on Google will reveal if your fave or local airsoft retailer is still stocking these!

Airsoft Mike: AGM STG-44 Upgraded Version


Find out if this upgraded version of the AGM STG-44 AEG from Swit Airsoft is the upgrade you want. Airsoft Mike unboxes and gives an overview of this upgraded AEG... "The new fully upgraded MP44 airsoft primary from Swit Airsoft. It performs even better with heavier BBs and is sure to turn heads during gameplay! Join me as I unbox and take a detailed look at this airsoft representation of a WWII (tail end) primary! Huge thanks to Swit Airsoft!"

Airsoft Mike's Upgraded Action Army AAP-01


What's the improvement in this upgraded Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol owned by Airsoft Mike? Well, this is already upgraded by Swit Airsoft with T-N.T. T hop up bucking and a T-N.T. S+ Precision Barrel. Should have better range and accuracy, shouldn't it? Watch the video... "Today I get to unbox and test the new Action Army AAP-01! Supplied to me by Swit Airsoft..."

Vorsk Agency VX-9 Dual Pack Unboxing By Airsoft Mike


Special Edition Vorsk Agency VX-9 Dual Pack unboxing done by airsoft's unboxing king, Airsoft Mike... "Today we unbox the twin pack of the Vorsk Agency VX-9, based on that very popular franchise that has an agent called 47!

This particular product has a very limited run and already hard to find, HOWEVER, they do also come as a single sidearm, so you can just buy two if you really want that 47 vibe!"

Airsoft Mike: Nuprol Vorsk EU17 Vented Chrome Model


For many, Vorsk is a new brand that is carried by UK-based Nuprol. Sporting a Glock-style design, it has a CNC finished slide that has vents which also means a lighter weight and has an initial muzzle velocity of 300 fps. You can check European airsoft retailers if they have this in stock. Airsoft Mike does an unboxing and quick overview of this GBB pistol... "Today I unbox and take a look at the fairly new to the market, Vorsk EU17 Vented Chrome model."

Airsoft Mike: Tippmann M4-22 Micro Elite HPA CO2 Pistol


Airsoft Mike got first dibs on the new Tippmann M4-22 Micro Elite HPA CO2 Pistol and here is his video to tell you the highlights of this product... "Today I have been given the great opportunity to unbox a brand new pre-production HPA & Co2 product from Tippmann! This has not even been finished yet! Take a look, give your thoughts in the comment section, and enjoy!"

Airsoft Mike: Tippmann Commando CQB AEG


Airsoft Mike unboxes and goes over the features of this entry level AEG from Tippmann... "I am back again with another episode of Airsoft On a Budget! This time the primary is a Tippmann! A very affordable Tippmann. Join me as I unbox the Commando and test this offering from Tippmann, to see if it's any good!"

Airsoft Mike's Specna Arms SA-H21 EDGE 2.0 Unboxing


Airsoft Mike finds the Specna Arms SA-H21 EDGE 2.0 AEG to be a high-spec'd AEG that is affordable for airsoft players in this unboxing and overview video... "Big thanks to Specna Arms for sending their latest primary that features high tech programable features for a low price! Join me as I unbox this product plus show you a sneak peek of the Airsoft Mike collection."

Airsoft Mike: WEBLEY MKVI Revolver


Something that reenactors and collectors can look into when searching for airsoft versions of the period firearms. Airsoft Mike unboxes and gives an overview of the Webley MKVI revolver... "Today we keep it British! The iconic Webley MKVI as used historically in WWI and WWII and more recently in movies, TV shows and gaming!"

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