Airsoft Mike ASG Schofield 6" Unboxing


Get a piece of the Wild West for airsoft use in the form of the ASG Schofield 6" CO2 Powered Revolver that is available at most retailers. It comes with dummy cartridges that can hold a single BB each which you then load in this top-break revolver. Just like the real Schofield revolver it operates just like the real gun even the ejector quickly ejects the spent cases. Airsoft Mike does an unboxing and an overview of this airsoft revolver..

Airsoft Mike: ICS Airsoft CXP-APE EBB


Airsoft Mike unboxes and does an overview on the features of the ICS Airsoft CXP APE. Perhaps the closes thing to a Masada rifle, the CXP APE has an Electric Blowback feature, KeyMod handguard and 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel to mount a suppressor, ambidextrous operations and an adjustable stock.

Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-H/MK17 Gas Blowback Rifle


Airsoft Mike got to unbox and review the Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-H Gas Blowback Rifle. This is fully licensed from FN Herstal and is made by VFC, which of course make those markings more official... "Today its the turn of the FN Scar-H by VFC. The WE-TECH version has also been ordered and is on its way! Comparison video coming soon!"

Tippmann M4 Blowback HPA & CO2 Rifle Version 2


Airsoft Mike goes over the M4 blowback rifle from Tippmann that can be powered with either HPA or CO2. If you want one, make sure you have a competition lock so that you can be allowed to play at game fields the require such... "Today is a first for this channel. The first time I have ever owned or unboxed a CO2 & HPA M4 primary, and the very first Tippmann product! Huge thanks to G.I.SPORTZ / TIPPMANN for sending this package out to me."

Airsoft Mike: Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact


It looks like the issue of the new Tokyo Maui V10 Ultra Compact GBB Pistol has been resolved and it is being restocked by retailers outside of Japan. Airsoft Mike got one for this unboxing and overview video... "Today I get my hands on the all-new TM V10 Ultra Compact! Kindly supplied to me by WOLF ARMOURIES in London!"

Secutor Arms RAPAX XXI M3/DMR Unboxing & Overview


The Secutor Arms RAPAX XXI M3/DMR is already out in the market and Airsoft Mike gets to be one of the early guys to get their hands on a unit to review... "Today I get to play with the new DMR from Secutor! Join me as I unbox and test this epic primary and give you my initial thoughts. Huge thanks to Secutor and 0'20 Magazine for making this video possible!"

Airsoft Mike: ICS-212S3 With MS1 S3 SFS Stock


With ICS Airsoft updating their MP5 line with the SSS V2 E-Trigger System, Short-Stroke Trigger, Realistic SPCC Weld Processed Stamping Steel Receiver, SFS Retractable Folding Stock, Power Cut-off when receiver is opened, One-piece Metal H-UP, ICS CES Split Gearbox, Spring Releasable Function, and Rear-lockable Decorative Bolt plate, it is an MP5 AEG you might want to take for your next CQB game. Airsoft Mike takes a look at this in this unboxing video...

ROSSI Neptune 5.5 PDW AEG Overview By Airsoft Mike


We're seeing more airsoft guns from Brazilian firearms maker ROSSI and one these is the Neptune 5.5 PDW as unboxed and presented by Airsoft Mike... "Today I present to you a new airsoft company in the game with a new PDW! But technically, the company is not new, it's super historic! Join me as I unbox the new Rossi Neptune PDW! PLEASE NOTE... In case you missed it on the video datasheet, since 2010, Rossi no longer produces real steel for the Brazilian market.

S&T BAR M1918A2 TNT Upgraded Version


Find out what Airsoft Mike thinks about S&T BAR M1918A2 TNT Upgraded Version and what upgrades have been used on the support weapon used by the Americans in World War II... "Today I get my hands on an American classic! This one is heavy, really heavy, and looks every bit like its real Browning counterpart."

Airsoft Mike: Cybergun FN F2000 AEG


Airsoft Mike unboxes and does an overview of the Cybergun FN F2000 AEG. This is made by CYMA for Cybergun and since it is fully licensed, it comes with the FNH trades. A bullpup AEG, it accepts TM-compatible M4 AEG magazines and is ambidextrous in operation... "Cybergun along with the FN Herstal bring to you a Cyma manufactured version of the F2000!

Join me as I unbox an officially licensed and cheaper alternative to that other brand!"

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