SHTF Condor Battle Belt Gen 2 Setup


3 Rivers Survival shows his SHTF Condor Battle Belt Gen 2 Setup which he has done on a budget. Watch the video to get ideas and tips on how oo put yours together and the setup has some of the known gear brands. If you are interested on the items you see, you can go to the actual video description to follow the product links.

OneTigris Tactical Battle Belt Overview


An overview video of the OneTigris Tactical Battle Belt which is a quick release MOLLE belt that can be ordered on Amazon, their online store or other resellers... "OneTigris tactical battle belts make carrying firearms, EDC, and other belt-carried gears easier than doing so with a conventional belt. Even loaded with equipment, the battle belt don’ sag, flip or cut into your belly.

"You Should Wear A Battle Belt"


The Salty Old Gamer talks about wearing a battle belt for airsoft games and in this video they feature the OneTigris Battle Belt... "Checking out the OneTigris Battle Belt, along with some extra airsoft goodies for the Battle Belt like a medical utility pouch, open top retention mag pouch, and universal pistol holster."

CS Airsoft's Rifleman Loadout Plate Carrier & Battle Belt Setup


We go back to CS Airsoft as talks more about his Rifleman loadout showing how he sets up his plate carrier and battle belt... "The current Plate Carrier and Battle Belt setup for my Assault/Rifleman Airsoft Loadout consists of a Warrior Assault Systems  DCS Plate Carrier & Low Profile Belt. The Loadout is refined with various magazine and universal pouches from Templar's Gear.

Verage Airsoft: What's On My Belt?


Verage Airsoft talks about the layers that he uses as part of this loadout with Layer 2a being his belt... "What's on my belt? My belt is part of my second layer. My belt is my first layer that has combat stuff in it.

It's also the layer with all my medical gear because I always have my belt on, even in base.

Gunfather Milsim: Battle Belt Discussion


A comparison of Gunfather Milsim's SWAT Battle Belt to his battle belt he uses in airsoft... "In this video I discuss battle belts. I go over the different purchase options of my battle belt of choice, HSGI, and which specific HSGI model I use and why. I go over my current SWAT battle belt and compare it to my airsoft/milsim belt."

Navy SEAL Shows How To Set Up A Battle Belt


Video from Frogman Tactical showing a Navy SEAL explain his battle belt setup... "In this video Jason goes over how he sets up his Battle Belts and talks about other considerations that pertain to making your belt fully operational.

Too often people get lost in the name brands of things instead of learning how to make their gear operationally sound by fine tuning every aspect of their gear. Don't get lost in the entertainment value of things.

Agilite: IDF Battle Belt Setup


Doing your IDF impression? Agilite Gear, an Israel-based tactical gear company, goes further in giving you a tips by having a Special Forces operator to tell how it is done... "Captain 'G', an Israeli Special Forces Officer gives us the run down on how he sets up his Battle Belt."

Airsoft Battle Belt Loadout


Nave Evans shows his airsoft battle belt loadout in this vertical/portrait video, though we prefer videos in landscape mode so there is a wider view and avoid that wasted black space in our screen... "Thinking of running a belt loadout for your next game? Or maybe you are a beginner and looking for options for your loadout? This video is for you!"

Wartech Battle Belt MK1 At Airsoft Store


A quick overview of the Wartech Battle Belt MK1 that is in stock at the Airsoft Store... "A quick tour of the popular WARTECH Battle Belt MK1 discharge belt. The belt is popular among airsoft players, shooters, hunters, and professional military men. The MOLLE interface on the outside of the belt allows you to hang any compatible pouches, holsters and other equipment on it."

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