"The Best Airsoft Shotgun?"


Is the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun the best airsoft shotgun? Maydaysan Airsoft gets one to take it through its paces in his review... "Today we debut the best airsoft shotgun on the market, The Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher! In Airsoft, shotgun gamplays are not very prominent, but I plan to give you more shotgun goodness from Japan!"

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun Review


Mach Sakai reviews the most compact in the M870 gas shotgun series from Tokyo Marui, the M870 Breacher. Popular for those who want shotguns to use in CQB games, this has been in the market for years now and still going strong. He checks it for operations, externals and as always, its performance in mini steel challenge.

Evolution RECON Breacher PDW6 M-LOK ETS AEG


Evolution AEGs are available in Asia, especially in Japan. In this video Rock Rose goes over the Evolution RECON Breacher PDW6 M-LOK ETS AEG... "This time, I would like to introduce an electric gun from an Italian manufacturer called EVOLUTION Airsoft. I hope you can watch the video for details, but it's good anyway! I bought this toy gun from a mail order shop called Crazy Gun Shot."

Classic Army CA870 Breacher At Venture Shop


Classic Army got its own spring shotguns series and the Ventue Shop in Brazil got one to show you the CA870 Breacher... "For today's review we brought a weapon simply impeccable! If you like equipment with a more sophisticated and high performance footprint, drop the video to see the Classic Army M870 Breacher in action!"

Mike The Vike On The Marui M870 Breacher


Mike The Vike gives his take on the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun, calling it the "$500 Airsoft Shotgun Ripoff" (that's in Canadian dollars not US). Do you agree? Watch the video... "Tokyo Marui is known to make some of the best airsoft guns on the market and this is no exception.. a cool unique design and very reliable. However, as cool as it is, its not exactly in the most practical thing ever!

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Walkthrough


Azrel Sutcliffe gives us a mini-review of the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun in this almost 19-minute video... "Welcome and we have a short mini-review of the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Shotgun, something new for CQB use. So I have a sneaky feeling during the video I mention the original real steal weapon is a Mossberg M870 when it is actually a Remington Model 870.

Diles46: Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher


Diles46 reviews the compact version in the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun family, the M870 Breacher... "Better late than never! I Finally got around to giving my honest opinions about this tri shot green gas shotgun from Tokyo Marui. The M870 Breacher airsoft shotgun has some really cool perks over the traditional spring powered shotguns. But of course, it has its flaws as well. Do you have one of these shotguns? What do you think? Comment below. Thanks guys!"

Marui M870 Breacher Kydex Holster


Check this custom Kydex Holster made for the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas-Powered Shotgun by CRW-Airsoft. Since it's more a compact shotgun, you can holster it at the side rather than having a shotgun scabbard on the back. No idea yet on pricing and there's no link to the product can be found at their online store.

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