Arrow Dynamic AKM AEG Shooting Review


PPC Airsoft checks out the Arrow Dynamic AKM which is available in the Japanese airsoft market. OEM of this AEG is E&L Airsoft, which is known for the build quality of its AK AEG. This is made of steel press and stamped rivets and the the metal and wood parts are of the same quality as the real thing.

Arrow Dynamic Airsoft RPG-7 Review


Airsoft Gus does a video review of the Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 that is available at Airsoft Armoury in Denmark. Available for some years now, this RPG-7 for airsoft use weighs 5kg and is made of plastic and real wood. Most existing 40mm gas grenade shells in the market can be used with it... "Super short video about the Dynamic Airsoft RPG-7. It's really not complicated. It's a tube that shoots big bullet."

Arrow Dynamic A9 SMG At Bespoke Airsoft


Airsoft players in Europe looking for the Arrow Dynamic A9 SMG (APC9K) can check this video from Bespoke Airsoft. So far, only accessories are available instead of the AEG.. "Taking a look at this awesome new smg aeg. Remind you of anything? Maybe you have seen it in Call Of Duty?"

Hyperdouraku: Arrow Dynamic MP18


A vintage-style AEG in the form the MP18 AEG from Dynamic is reviewed by the famous Japanese airsoft blog, Hyperdouraku... "The MP18 electric gun modeled by ARROW DYNAMIC has a luxurious specification with steel receiver and barrel jacket and real wood stock. It weighs nearly 4 kg, giving it the feel of a real gun. Even though it is an SMG, it has a total length of 825mm.

Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 40mm Grenade Launcher At Airsoft GI


Cisco gets a big one to review as he tells us what he thinks about the Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 40mm Grenade Launcher that is available at Airsoft GI... "The Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 is a step forward in airsoft grenade launchers! With the ability to take a wide variety of M203 Airsoft Grenade Shells, this RPG will not disappoint! Great for completing load outs, cosplays, and intimidating the enemy on the airsoft field! Let dive in and take a closer look!"

Hyperdouraku: Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 Review


A full review of the Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 Launcher for airsoft use done by Hyperdouraku... "Speaking of the PRG-7, the famous anti-tank rocket developed by the Soviet Union, which is said to be the best selling anti-tank weapon. It appeared in the 1960s and has been used in many war and conflict zones.

BWS: Arrow Dynamic AN/PVS31 Dummy


In stock at Bunny Workshop right now is the Arrow Dynamic AN/PVS31 Dummy. Made of ABS, this is a non-functional replica of the NVG. It has metal parts and hexagon head screw assembly with standard UDL label included. You can order this right now for US$38.90, shipping costs not included.

Arrow Dynamic M1918A2 BAR Review


Hyperdouraku reviews this World War II Automatic Rifle, which is more known to many as the B.A.R. or the M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle. This is made by by Arrow Dynamic and released in 2012. This has a full metal receiver, barrel, gas tune, and a 7mm bearing Gearbox. We are not sure if this being retailed outside of Asia but do check with other online retailers if they have this in stock.

Arrow Dynamic M203s & Specna Arms Mags


New and in stock at Gunfire are a series of M203 Grenade Launchers under the Arrow Dynamic brand. You can choose between long and short versions; and those with telescoping stocks or not. Also in stock are new Tornado Springs and an assortment of real to midcap magazines that Milsim players want from Specna Arms.

"We have introduced to Gunfire offer a stand-alone grenade launchers from Arrow Dynamic.

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