Adventure Airsoft: Tippmann M4 Carbine V2 Long Term Review


Adventure Airsoft tells his experience on using the Tippmann Carbine M4 V2 which can be powered with CO2 or HPA... "OK fellow cake eaters it's that time I was dreading a review of my well used  but not sold Tippmann Carbine V2 HPA. If you’re wondering why I sold it hit that subscribe button for more content on its replacement.

Planet Airsoft: Custom Tippmann M4 Overview


Planet Airsoft gives us an overview of this Custom Tippmann Airsoft M4. Whilst you can power this CO2 magazine, this setup uses an external HPA tank to power the rifle via the pistol grip and can use AEG magazines. Even with this setup, it still has the blowback function available as compared to other HPA-powered airsoft guns in the market.

Tippmann M4 Airsoft Magazine Test


What we always want with our airsoft guns is compatibility, especially in parts and magazines. Super Scumble tests the new Tippman M4 HPA-powered Airsoft gun for magazine compatibility... "Testing different magazines for compatability. Over the course of the day i tested every m4 magazine I could borrow including:

Airsoft GI Is Now Shipping Globally


International customers can now order what they can't find on their own countries from Airsoft GI such as the Tippmann M4 HPA/CO2 Airsoft M4 as they now do international shipping... "The Tippmann Full Metal M4 will be coming in soon and is available for pre-order! This U.S.A. made Gas Blow Back Rifle comes with operating options, HPA or CO2, and can be a definite game changer on the airsoft battlefield.

ASGI: Tippman M4 HPA/CO2 Blowback #2


Daniel dives into the internals of the Tippmann M4 HPA/CO2 Blowback Airsoft Gun in part 2 of this Airsoft GI video... "Join us for Part 2 as we take a closer look INSIDE the new Tippmann M4. This gun has the ability to change from using CO2 or HPA at the users preference. Tippmann has done a great job give players the option of running the gun different ways along with adjustable FPS and ROF.

ASGI: Tippman M4 HPA/CO2 Blowback


Daniel of Airsoft GI has on his hands the M4 airsoft offering from Tippman and this is going to be a real good review as he goes in depth in this two-part video review... "Check out the first part of Daniel's In-Depth look at the upcoming Tippmann M4. This new gun from Tippmann will operate by CO2 OR HPA! Providing years of experience from the paintball world, find out if Tippmann has what it takes to enter into the epic world of airsoft!

Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft Rifle


Uploaded yesterday by the Paintball Company, Tippmann Sports, is their first airsoft offering featuring an Airsoft M4 Carbine. This is powered by compressed air with adjustable hop-up and anti-jam technology. It can take it other third party accessories for the rear part and the fore end has standard Picatinny Rails. As to pricing and availability, no further information yet so stay tuned.

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