Airsoft Station On The Krytac KRISS Vector AEG


Airsoft Station shows the fine features of the KRISS Vector AEG from Krytac which hs been in the market for some years now... "Krytac would like to introduce their newest version of the highly esteemed fully licensed KRISS USA Vector airsoft AEG. To start off this rifle, Krytac upgraded the upper receiver to now utilize the new Gen 2 full metal one piece upper receiver for maximum durability and authenticity.

Infamous Airsoft With The Krytac M-Lok PDW-M


Chilean airsoft player with the infamous name, Infamous Airsoft, does some gameplay videos and review of the Krytac PDW-M AEG that comes with the M-Lok handguard... "The new Krytac M-Lok Person Defense Weapon has come into my hands, the long-awaited PDW-M that has incorporated interesting modifications that you will surely want to know about."

Krytac Trident AEG Line At Airsoft Station


Anthony talks about the Trident AEGs from Krytac that are available at the Airsoft Station... "Krytac used high grade metal for both the upper and lower receivers for maximum durability and authenticity. The 6-position telescopic rear stock can easily adjust the overall length of this rifle for enhanced maneuverability and transportation in CQB situations, and houses the battery power source.

Gunfire Summer Sale 2020 & New Arrivals


Discounts are hot right now at the Gunfire Summer Sale where thousands of times are at reduced prices. They also got new arrivals from Aim-O, Krytac, Specna Arms, and Tokyo Marui, so better grab them whilst their hot... "Our discounts are rising, and it's getting hot in Gunfire! Over 2400 items up to -77% in the Summer Sale. Don’t wait and check the best deals from our summer offer!

Krytac Alpha SDP w/ Black Sheep Arms P-51 Mustang Custom Cerakote


More on the Black Sheep Custom Cerakote services available at In this case they have gone ahead for a ready to purchase Krytac Alpha SDP AEG with the P-51 Mustang look... "Black Sheep Arms is an industry leader in Cerakote services who is now offering Cerakoting for Airsoft products. They've given some of our most popular products a stunning makeover which accents all the fine details of each item.

A Quick Look At The Krytac Warsport Line


The Krytac Warsport line is available at Airsoft Station and Anthony does a rundown of the what their customers can order... "The KRISS ARMS group, makers of the famous KRISS Vector, took the airsoft community by storm with their announcement of their new line of Airsoft products under the brand KRYTAC. Each of their new rifles sports the fierce KRYTAC Kraken logo.

Krytac Barrett REC7 AEG Now At Land Warrior Airsoft


The Krytac Barrett REC7 AEG has now landed in the UK courtesy of Land Warrior Airsoft. This is a fully licensed AEG done in cooperation with EMG... "As the only UK retailer and importer with direct access to Krytac and KRISS, we're excited to bring to your attention Krytac's latest collaboration, officially licensed by Evike Manufacturing Group, and OEM built by Krytac USA.

Laylax Prometheus Krytac Spur Gear Spacers


Laylax are taking pre-orders for the Prometheus Krytac Spur Gear Spacers that are available in two sizes... "Stock Krytacs are equipped with self-shimming spring spacers that minimalize the need for shimming. However, horizontal movement of the gears during use can cause the gears to undergo rotational stress resulting in gear and motor noise. EMG x Krytac BARRETT REC7 DI AEG

OptimusPrime are taking pre-orders of the EMG x Krytac BARRETT REC7 DI AEG which should be arriving this month... "Barrett Firearms, the innovators that brought us the first semi-automatic, .50 BMG shoulder fired anti-material rifle has been making quality firearms for over 30 years. The level of detail, craftsmanship, and innovation that goes into each Barrett firearm is a testament to their passion for what they do.

Hyperdouraku: Krytac Barrett REC7 SBR M-Lok AEG


The Krytac Barrett REC7 SBR M-Lok AEG is available in Japan since April and it is exclusively distributed by Laylax. This officially licensed via EMG it features an aluminum alloy receiver and CNC machined aluminum alloy REC7 hand guard. It includes the KRISS Low Profile flip up sights, easy spring access system with anchored spring guide, ambidextrous fire selector and realistic locking bolt and bolt release, adjustable rotary hop-up, licensed KRISS motor grip, and KRYTAC 6 position adjustable stock with Extended Butt-pad.

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