A Timeline In Uniforms and Equipment Of The Vietnam War


For those interested in war history, here is Ritch History showing the Vietnam War's timeline in uniforms and equipment... "I hope that you enjoy this video! If you’re a Vietnam veteran, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. If you’re a new viewer, please check out some of the other content on the channel. This was a fun video to make, and I hope to do more Vietnam content in the future. See you next time!"

"Do Retro Vietnam Techniques Still Work?"


Watch the video from Tactical Hyve if those techniques used during the Vietnam War will still work nowdays... "Retired Navy SEALs "Coch" and Dorr continue testing techniques from the past. This time, they take a look at retro Vietnam techniques."

Verage Airsoft: Vietnam War Airsoft Gear


Let's take a look at the Vietnam War Airsoft Gear put together by Verage Airsoft... "Vietnam gear has a special place in my heart and I took the time to make a video about the stuff that I use. In this video I will go over the basic gear that I use but also some stuff that you can add to the gear to make it a bit more interesting.

I will also talk about Vietnam Airsoft Events and what is special about them and where you can find them.

AATV: Vietnam Special Forces Airsoft Loadout


Gadge is back for this episode of Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV), showing the US Special Forces loadout from the Vietnam War. Cue the Ballad of the Green Berets... "In this episode Gadge takes us through his Vietnam Mike Force, Special Forces, Green Beret or AATTV loadout. It’s great if you want to rock that Tiger Stripe aesthetic…  

All our load outs are intended for themed airsoft games only and are not suitable for living history or re-enactment. They are not impressions.

NAM69 Vietnam War Milsim 2021 Edition


Real Fake Guns posted a video about the NAM69 Vietnam War Milsim event hosted by TAC Sverige. TAC is an airsoft team largely based in Knivsta, but also Uppsala and Stockholm and they host several Vietnam War airsoft events every year as well as other historical events.

AATV: US Vietnam Airsoft Loadout


Gadge takes over from Anvil for this Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) episode to show us the different loadouts and impressions of the U.S. gear, clothing and weaponry during the Vietnam War. Most of these were procured from Soldier of Fortune UK which has an extensive inventory of various uniforms and gear for airsofters and reenactors.

Vietnam War LRRP Airsoft Loadout


Red Ivan Airsoft goes back in time again to put together an LRRP airsoft loadout taking inspiration from the LRRPs during the Vietnam War... "In this video, we will Discuss my Mid-level, Airsoft, Vietnam Era LRRP loadout. We will talk about Vietnam Era camouflages such as Duck Hunter, Tiger Stripe and ERDL. And will Discuss M1956, M1961, and M1967 Load-Carry Equipment."

Vietnam Airsoft Gameplay With M1A1 Thompson


Dragon Armory got some airsoft action footage with an airsoft M1A1 Thompson in a Vietnam War-themed game... "U.S involvement in the Vietnam war began so early, the M1A1 Thompson was able to participate in the conflict. Shipped over to arm ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) and U.S soldiers, the M1A1 did its part in the war."

Vietnam War US G.I. Inspired Airsoft Loadout


General Combs tells how he was able to put together for a Vietnam War-themed U.S. GI loadout... "My inspired loadout on a basic Vietnam War loadout for a U.S G.I.. This is for airsoft and not everything is period accurate due to rareity in items. Stay tuned for more videos thank you and have a good day."

Oxaba: Airsoft Vietnam War Festival


Gameplay video and other scenes posted by Oxaba during a Vietnam-war themed airsoft event that took place in Japan early this year... "Synopsis: The new soldier Steve has fallen into a dying state after receiving many bullets. His unit is almost destroyed. Can the US Army get him out of this predicament?"

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